PICKS - August 6th

NmbrsDude said:

This is the sort of stuff I was trying to let you know about, in as subtle a way as I could find. Naturally, as you've noticed, DB managed to turn it to his usual humble conclusion.
Take my advice and get used to the fact that any lotto discussion with Dennis is in the form of Dennis = teacher and you = junior student. As to his supposed great predictions, I tried to explain to him that everyone here has their own way of doing things and many people here are more successful than him but he still insists on lecturing. I can say this because when I went head-to-head with him, to try and prove a point, I beat him fair and square at his own game but he didn't have much to say about that.
Before you start on me Dennis, don't waste you breath because most of us "Seniors" on this board have been here too long to not know the score. I'm just trying to save Frank a lot of frustration. I understand many people look to you for advice and that's up to them so I'll give you that. As for the rest of us, save it...



PS Frank, check posts from Gilles D. and see some samples of where your discussion will go... Just trying to help you...
You've been going after me for a very long time now...I still don't know who you really are and why you are always after me? ...but I have an idea from the former other board....I was not even talking to you to start with here...Before this contagious disease of yours spreads around too much ... There was nothing malicious by saying that posting 20 or so was an easy way of getting more in a suppose prediction post...It is only a fact...I never ask of anybody to change their methods of playing either....I'd rather like to see 5 out of 12 than 5 out of 18 or even 4 out of 10 than 6 out of 18 and that won't change....But you are holding something against me and you jumped on the occasion...like a few others... ...First let's clarify something here...You never achieved anything by posting 10 for only 3 months or so in fact I didn't post in every draws at that time because of the bonus's draws that affected my predictions badly...Now if you compare your 3 months with my last 3 months I defeated you badly in the hints department...And even more you were not competing against me because I told you that I was competing with nobody at the time....You competed against yourself and beat yourself badly...Since that time you went back to these easy huge sets and your results are not half good than what they were when you posted only 10...(A ramdom set would do a better job)
I never said that I was better than anybody....you and some others did this....
Actually at the time I stated that for a period of time I was way ahead of anyone in the hints department...And that was an undisputable fact...I also indicated at the time that it could change...and that someone else could take the torch...And some others have been getting better and better at this...And I am quite happy about it...Now I'm telling you this ....For the entire next year I'm going to post a huge set....And each and every draw I'm going to hold and track the ''score'' of everybody....draw after draw yourself included...I will now put all the dear lovely impolite folks that went after me back to their places...I always respected the people around here....It is showing very low level and shortenest of arguments to go after a person rather than go after the opinion of that person :rolleyes: ...I'll talk to you about it next year not before(3 months is way too short to jump to any kind of conclusion)....Good luck to all of you...Now Dennis is after your opinions...


Let me cut throught the fluff for you.

You hit the nail on the head when state that you never said that you were the best. I don't have enough time to waste locating examples of all the times you've said every thing else but those exact words, not to mention how many times we can see it being screamed between the lines you post. Furthermore, constantly stating "just being humble here" does not make you humble.
I'm not disputing the fact that your hints have hit on occasion, and for the record, I haven't posted hints in quite a while myself; so I don't know how you can state that my hints were no good when there weren't any being posted in the first place. I posted 2 hints for exactly 10 draws during which time I hit as many times as you did. Anyway, it's the same old thing.
Bottom line Dennis, I have no problem with any of your posts until you start talking down to others (which, in case you still don't understand, implies that you think you are better than they are) especially when they are relative newcomers. I jumped to Frank's defence because I could tell he was going down a path that would leave him confused and frustrated. Now, if that's the kind of help you're trying to provide, then I'll stay out of your way but I doubt that was your intent, right?
One last thing, the reason you feel you don't know me so well may be explained very simply; check your total number of posts against mine. Besides, I'm not here to share my life stories with anyone nor to win any popularity contests. I feel the purpose of this forum is to share info and a few laughs once in a while. So far it's provided that for me most of the time. So just let your numbers speak for themselves and see how much more friendly this place will become for all of us.