New format for 6/49 and Super 7??


Dennis Bassboss said:
Great good accurate news for all my greatest fans..NmbrsDude,LuckyHorse,HappyPig,Lottodude...etc...To only name a few because the fan club consist of only one or two individual in reality with full membership ...doesn't mean they don't register under more names to have a better shot or glimpse at their idol...Mister Greatness...They will all be very enthousiastics about it! :lol:
Thanks to all of you because no star would survive without his fans...Where ever they are... :lol:
I guess this brought the devil out :devil:
I got nothing to hide, there's no need to ask LT to confirm anything.. I AM happypig, elayne...etc (but not numberdude..etc)

just a question, so what if I AM the same person as before?? I never really did anything wrong ever since the beginning..

Like what I said several times already, the first time I came to this board, just to read & learn & stuff... but back then Dennis just kept insisting on saying that I was someone else, just using different alias & stuff... but I WASN'T... I WAS JUST ME.. and then, I told LT to get an IP check to prove that I was ME, not any other one, TO PROVE DENNIS was wrong.. and then, after the request, LT banned me, delted my username, deleted the thread...

NOW what exactly DID I DO WRONG?? from my own point of view, I believe that back then LT really WAS BEING unfair and was just protected DENNIS... therefore, he never did an IP check to prove that DENNIS WAS WRONG ABOUT ME and should STOP ACCUSING PPL...

too bad LT deleted the thread, otherwise, I'm not afraid of ppl. going back and read the thread, cuz I never did anything wrong.. all I wanted back then was just a fair check... but I guess that was impossible cuz DENNIS was just TOOO close to LT....

like what i said, I got nothing to hide.. don't think i did anythign wrong..


So let me see if I understood this correctly, you created an alias to do this...
So you have actually been here before, so
you should know this:
Be courteous and respectful to other members.
Above all ... Have Fun and let's see Lots of Big Jackpot Winners!

So you think that you have been unjusticed here... and yet you come back and do this... two wrongs don't make a right! You should be ashamed of yourself!

I may dislike some members attitute some times here, but you don't see me (or most of the others) doing things like this...

Are you a child? Are you under some kind of stress on your real life?
These are the situations that could explain your attitude, but even so not excuse it.

I'm actually getting bored with all of this type of actions I see on this board, people using the fact that they are anonymous to do destastefull things (to say the least).
Re: What if we all take a step back ...

Brad said:
Come on ppl there's no need for this kind of garbage, Dennis is quite capable of making a fool of himself, don't let his twisted sense of humour get to you.

And Dennis, didn't you say that you can take it as well as dish it out? Is this provoking really necessary?
Something like this was bound to happen the way you carry on, I'm just surprised it didn't sooner ... maybe a good time to give your head a shake.
If you want to join these fools that take shots at me go ahead ....Strange to me that you would defend these kinds of non-contributors at my expense...I'll simply put you on ignored....By replying to this the way you just encourage for more of this crap...I used to liked you...if you want me to keep it that way...don't cross that line....Ho! and you are right I can make a fool of
Originally posted by the only Dennis Bassboss on November the first...Best prediction ever to hit this board...
Hunting season for numbers just openned....but the hunt is going to be better as the season progresses....

:kaioken: :kaioken:
Also playing a 6 lines small wheel with some gimmy...
I wonder why these people were unheard from that night????They surely missed a great time to congratulate me that night....Jealousy perhaps??? :lol: Now let me tell you this on the very following draw I hit for 2x4 in only 14 lines + lots of 3 hitters...2 more DNs on target never posted these but I sended prior to the draw these tickets to many players here....They only know that I do not make any crappy post here...And you would be surprized to know who they are....But I didn't want to brag about it at all...Just because it was not posted on the board...I have nothing to prove that has not been proven already...


I wonder...

Dennis Bassboss said:
I wonder why these people were unheard from that night????They surely missed a great time to congratulate me that night....B]

The way I saw it, a lot of people won that night, including myself, but that doesn't matter. I figured with all the usual crew "blowing sunshine up your a.." to quote Tom Skerritt in Top Gun, I wanted to avoid adding just that little bit more that would cause your head to finally explode. I just felt the world could do without little bits of Atikamek brains everywhere.

:lol: :lol: :lol:


NmbrsDude said:

The reason I don't post as much "teaching" as you is two-fold:

1st: I don't assume that everyone wants to know what I have to say every single time I think of something.

2nd: I have a completely different technique than most people on this site so I don't have as much to add to the discussion thread every draw. To clarify: I don't take into account LD's, consecutives, announcers, pairs and other such things. However, you may ask - "well, NumbersDude, what do you take into account?" and the answer is, it's far too difficult to explain in plain text and, since we don't have a classroom to do this in, I choose to participate only when I feel I can add value. You can check the wheels thread and see plenty of useful input there from me.
Before you reply once again, as I know you find hard not to do, the way I have added value these past few weeks is by getting you to think about what it is you're doing to piss off some of the other people on this board. Hopefully, you finally understand that jealousy has nothing to do with it, but we've already beaten that topic to death so I'll leave it at that.
Now leave it the hell alone and don't reply, like you promised, for once. Put your money where your mouth is and leave it at that.
In case you couldn't tell, I'm pretty fed up with this thread too. I just hope it's been helpful.
And Mon, thanks for your input and I appreciate that you do not wish this to degenerate into anything ugly; just goes to show what a classy lady you are (not that most of us didn't know that already!)
As to the others who seem to feel the same way I did, thanks for speaking up and let's give Dennis a chance to show us the kind of man he really is! Impress me, Dennis!

'Nuf sed...

You want me to hit 6 only then you will be impress...for 6 hum!!! Your desire are orders here ....I just achieved hitting what you thought was impossible to achieve...I have hit for two times 5 in a draw(second time that I did this ...I have done it before), two times 4 in the very next draw, another 3 hitter in the following draw , two more 4 hitters in the following draw....
I don't know why you are dragging this on....



Dennis Bassboss said:
If you want to join these fools that take shots at me go ahead ....Strange to me that you would defend these kinds of non-contributors at my expense...I'll simply put you on ignored....By replying to this the way you just encourage for more of this crap...I used to liked you...if you want me to keep it that way...don't cross that line....Ho! and you are right I can make a fool of
Maybe this will clear things up,
I am NOT taking sides nor defending anyone, read my posts again and see my comments were aimed at everyone involved. I think you're just as resposible for most of these messy altercations whether directly or by previous comments.

Taking shots at you? Now that's a laugh, kind of like the old kettle calling me black. I think most will agree my comments were and are direct, no hidden agenda here.

Go ahead, take the easy way out and put me on ignore if you'd like.

That's all for now ... nothing humble, concealed, jealous or what ever you want to call it. This is the way I see it.



Dennis Bassboss said:
....I just achieved hitting what you thought was impossible to achieve...
I don't know why you are dragging this on....

Dennis, the only one dragging this on is you by trying to niggle at the scabs; besides, I thought you put me on ignore! Man of your word, huh?

Also, don't try to assume you know what I'm thinking. I know that hitting 5 is possible, just not only by you but plenty of others on this board. Your problem is that you always think it's about you; I wish you would get it straight once and for all but that is one wish I don't believe will ever come true. Oh, well, such is life...



PS Please ignore me again or others will get tired of someone standing up to you again (pardon my spine).


Mr.Greatness, I read the thread that you are refering on, and in all fairness as far as I can remember Dennis putted you of,true, but your choice of words wasn't commendable as well.
You were banned and I disagree with that,but one thing I can't understand,though.

Why all this obssesion with Dennis? It seems that you're comming back just to start another fight with him,and it's not a good reason IMO,it's not a hobby of yours,isn't it? I'd say let the past behind,call it a day,water under the bridge,whatever...

As I said in one another thread,this forum will suffer in the end if we don't respect each other,there's no need to put someone off or fear of being put off by someone.
That applies for all of us,we may disagree on many things and its normal cause we're different people with different styles of expression,you may like it someones style or dislike it.
Some of Dennis's comments I found to be out of the line as well, but I respect him and his opinions like I respect opinions of every other member of this board.I sometimes forget that myself,though but we all have of days I guess.
Lets try not to make those of days to become regular ones.
And lets have fun here,not verbal wars. :agree:


All you need to do Dennis is to be humble...
Enough mister I don't know what.....etc etc.....
Matching 6/6 won't make you better than anyone here...what counts is ONE's SELF not his/her money....
I see lots of good ppl has vanished from this board !! why ? is it because of your attitude ?
Let's say one day you might hit 6/6 or 5+/6 and you might still be arrogant, you will bite the dust and your nose will go down against your will...
So be a man and start being humble..


Mr. Greatness said:
Anyway, for those of you who're reading this for fun, I'll tell yoou how this whole thing might end:

possiblity 1)
Dennis Bassboss will start changing (or perhaps more like CLAIMING) to be more polite, more respecting... but ends up being all sarcasm

possibility 2)
Dennis Bassboss will start BS.. those BS include "i'll-add-you-on-my-ignore-list" yet he keeps replying... or stuff like "I'll never post again", or "i'll never come back", and then 2 weeks later, he comes back & add ".. december"...
so he will twist what he said into "I'll never post again in... december", or "I'll never come back... in december"...

talk about a man who keeps his word who claims to be credible, eh? :lol:

possiblity 3)
LT sees this thread, LT likes Dennis Bassboss, he takes his side, either delete my post or delete my username, or ban my IP...whatever it would take to protect his loyal member... (actually, the way i see it is that it's more like Dennis' ADDICTED to the board instead being LOYAL to the board)

possiblity 4)
Beaker sees this thread, as a buddy buddy of Dennis Bassboss, he would, too, protect Dennis Bassboss as much as possible to make him look good & make me look bad..... he does that because he doesn't want "kill" this wonderful relationship between him & his buddy Dennis Bassboss....

:lol: Peter IS right, this IS priceless & better than TV... the ending are ridiculously funny, yet very very probable..:D :agree:
You don't get it do you. :dang: There is only one outcome here. You will be banned again. :wavey: ... and again ... then, as the post to you below says, legal action may be in your future.

Message for "happypig"
"happypig" - "Elayne" - "Wong" - "whoever"

You have been banned for being disruptive and spamming this board. If you wish to play this game of signing up under different names only to be banned under another name then your abuse, that has been documented, will be reported to your ISPs. There is also the potential of legal action against you. Internet abuse is a serious matter.
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I :love2: everyone here and we should stop :gunfire: each other down and :flush: all the crap and concentrate on what this forum is for so have a :beer: and a good :laugh: at all this and then pick lotto numbers.


Irvin :thumb: