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yep, you can see that on Gail's chart B, skips hit. the skip #s are in a line next to the winning #s. I found a skips hit chart to be essential. Keep in mind that a skip of 0-3 is going to have more hits than a skip of 10-15, 15-20, etc. cuz more #s hit after one skip than hit after 20 skips. Every game is different, like my game has trends of skips hitting, then not hitting. What I have done is set up a chart by hand that looks like Gails chart E {# groups}. Marking the # of hits under each skip period, and highlighting a hit section. That way I have a real visual of what's trending. You can also mark 2-3 hits a different color, which will show a trend of a double skip hit. Good work Jennifer, spotting the trends in a game definitely gives you an edge up on a game! Good luck!
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Interesting quote

As everybody is talking about how great the information from G. Howard is, I went to look her site. I found that very interesting quote on the Smart Luck® INTERNATIONAL ADVANTAGE PLUS page:

COST: $85.95 to Canada ($79.95 plus $5.00 shipping )

I sure hope calculations are better handled by the program or may be she has something against Canadians.


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I'm sure you also noticed the hype and hard sell on her WS ... even the manuals that come with the program are loaded with sales pitches and testimonials, but once you get past all that crap the main prog is good.



:lphant: If I had gotten any closer to winning the lotto south last night, I would have hit 3 of 6. I used Gail and Lotto Sorceror. I'm not getting too much out of Sorcerer. Back to the drawing board. Anybody using any software besides Gail Howard's that is any good? I don't seem to have any luck if I use Gail's picks or the Sorceror. But her stat package is good. Jennifer