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Thanks. At least got my money back. Between the 2 sets, 5 numbers came out I think. Do you think I should combine the 2 sets minus the repeats(bigger wheel of course). :confused:
That's a tough decision Florie ... the more nrs played the better the chance to get more hits ... but getting all those hits on the same line is the hard part. It always seems to boil down to how much is affordable when wheeling. Obviously full wheels are the best, as soon as one starts to abbreviate the cover/guarantee gets worse ... not telling you anything new here.

If I added your nrs correctly there are 29 nrs to wheel after elliminating duplicates. It would take ~50 lines to use an abbreviated wheel for a 3if6 guaranty ... get 5 hits and there is a 2% chance of getting nothing, 50% chance of only 2x 3 hits etc.

A 3if5 wheel with 29 nrs would take ~80 lines ... hard to get your money back even with a 5 hit. Gets worse (read more expensive) with better guarantees. Guess what I'm saying is that wheeling that many nrs is not practical for most of us ...

I'm still struggling with wheeling, found that I have more success with ~12 nrs even though I don't get as many hits, when they do come at least I cash in a bit ... don't know if this helps ... are we having fun yet ? :D


PS seems like both you and Mon are doing well lately, keep it up!:agree2:

... and Combo is in his 'thrifty' phase saving up for D-day :lol: (not that there's anything wrong with that ;) )

PS2 ... one of the top Lotto guns, Robert Perkis, has published an article that goes into some detail on how to wheel, how many nrs to wheel etc., I'm still digesting it ... it's well worth reading, click here
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i hate this game but am addicted........
a hate this game but am addicted.....
i hate this game but am addicted......
i hate this game but am addicted.....
.....995 lines here....
i hate this game but am addicted.

way to go florie


:lol: :lol: ... back to the virtual blackboard daleks ... now write "I will remain positive" a thousand times ... else we send you to LAAA (lottery addicts anonymous association) :D


i'll go......i hear they serve beer there......hey, i'm off to the super 7 site for friday's draw:beer:

how can the #'s come up so stupid......i am sure than in times past i have used that 3,5,7,9,11,13 as part of a wheel or something.......too, lots of LD's below 6, which is where i sometimes will sit for draws on end.......just watch us win something on saturday, i bet........i am going to think of something to play, and THEN PLAY SOMETHING ELSE.....that's strategy for you......


I feel the same way daleks, the way these nrs are falling lately I'm tempted to play every draw and be done with it ... then again s**t happens :crap: ... see you at LAAA