Provincial Oct 2 Discussion

For BC/49 :

So far the 14-16 Trigger along with repeat 39 produced this set which is by far the best Combo 9 ( whether AW or FW ).

that one hit 5/6 twice.
Second one was : 14-16-18-23-28-29-32-35-44 No repeat here.

Numbers to think about are : 36-43 and repeats 01-13



lot of the nrs you just posted are in my early list :agree: ie:
16,23,28,29,32,35,44 and 36,43 too. Wonder how (where) you get your trigger ?

LOL reading ppl's Minds


are you laughing hard ? or rolling on the flr and wife woud be asking what's wrong with you :D :lol: :lol2:

Trigger is long time no see :dance1:


That sort of stuff happens btwn mates after along time of cohabitation ... they know what each other's thinking, finish sentences for each other, etc.
I suppose it could apply to virtual buddies as well :D ... often I have this 'urge' to log on to the board just to see you've just posted ... like now ... what does it mean ?! :eek: :rolleyes: :D

I like this word MATES :D
My daughter likes that dancing figure :dance1:
Ok we were both on the right track Sep 28 except me who doesn't learn from repeat mistakes :mad:
But we both had the 1-39 trigger. So apply the same method to Oct 2 and we have more than 2 triggers.
at the end eventually I will stop using Lotto-Progs for predictions.
we can do better I think.


Need some time to run more nrs through a strainer and see what falls out, that might just be the icing on the cake ... :liplick:

(cable is bit slow today ...)


12 was an Oon 4th down the list in last draw, it'll figure same way next draw, don't have a 'weight' for it yet. Nr 1 is a possible repeat, again no wt. yet. I will not play 11 as threepeats are always a bad bet.


:eek: I knew you were here even bfr I logged on !!

Update ... that 11 is still bugging me , did you know it has the highest threepeat record of any nr - 6x in the entire hist. The avg for all nrs is 1.6 ... it likes to hit with 2,3,7,9,16,18,26,28,36,38,39,40,42 esp with 2,7,15 ... there's that frigg 15 :mad:
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For Oct 2 BC/49

Lotto-Analyzer --> 11-14-18-24-25-36-39-43-45

Lotto 97---> 07-08-10-25-28-35-37-41-45

Winhunter 0.2.28--> 15-21-24-29-30-34-37-39-43 HIGH

Winhunter 0.1.14--> 12-27-28-29-32-35-36-43-44 LOW

I am leaning toward most of WH 0.1.14
I know I have to enter one set for the regular contest among all progs . So far LA is leading WH by 3/2 and the rest are ZIP.

Notice that Andrew hasn't posted for a long time ?

11 is scary one but I will ignore and put more efforts on 01-39 and I know they won't show up just to piss me off :lol:


Re Andrew ... seen him lurking, bet he's busy, but nobody's been asking any Qs... or he won the Florida Lotto :D

Andrew must be working on the wheeling feature in the new WH.
15 was active very recently but would it strike again ? I doubt it.


If you can keep winning even 3/9 or 3/10 again this Wed that would put you in a good position to gamble for FW9 or even strong AW 16 :agree:


Hey Combo,

how about a strong AW12 ? Here's my short list:

d 16 18 23 36 43
o 39 20 40 12 38
r 01 39 11 21 40
a 43 18 38 07 21

Don't think I'll play 11 or 21, and since 39,40,43,18 and 38 show twice I'm left with W12 ... must get CM to make a good wheel.

43+18+36 are strong candidates, 40+38 close behind. Some other nrs I'm considering -->27,28,29,35,44,47. Will keep you posted,



your list looks very good but I just forgot what the A stands for ?
Any thing more than 50 lines AW 12 is great Wheel.

If I don't get any results this Oct 2 then I will hide for a while then come back with strong AW 12 :D


Sorry, we're talking about diff 'As' eh ? --> Announced :agree2:

The 43 is showing hard in the announced, 18 too. 36 is both Due and announced, 40 is strong in Oons and shows in repeats near the end of the list, 38 has two pointers as well ... again I'm inclined to try combo 5, will see ...
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Yeah Brad,

Combo 5 is a bit risky but hey if you feel those numbers gonna show up then go for it.
NUmber 43 is duw as well as 44 so we shall see.
BTW I had 7 numbers ready for 6/49 for sep 28 draw but bad things happened this weekend so I didn't have time to play them.
3 of which showed up just to piss me off :mad:


Looks like you're having some good gut feelings for the 6/49 of late, wouldn't hurt to throw some $$ that way.

My turn for a Q ... duw ? Is that a typo for due ?
Could be right about 44, I'm still deciding .