Prov Jul 9 Discuss & Prediction


I like the 27-44, just not too sure about that 1 just yet...maybe soon. :agree:

Oh, the 11 is another one.


I don't freak out anymore ...

Not gonna pretend I know what the two of you are talking about, can only hope that in time I'll 'finger' it out ... so for now I'll keep my slightly dazed look. As they say it's beter to look stupid than to open your mouth and confirm it ... or something to that effect (think I just did :clown: )
11 who knows

The purpose is to get 4/12 many times or better like 5/14 etc etc..
As for 11, I have no clue....
Just play with your instincts....
Just the wasted chances in the past keep budgging me so I hope soon I can redeem myself :agree:

let's see Brad if we can get even 3/6 right in this puzzling BC/49 then I can gamble more with 6/49 :agree2:


Re: Maggie

ComboManiac said:
that is the way to do it.......
my suspects for next draw without looking at any hints are :

02-06-13-28-38-43-48 but they are not enough so I gotta ad around 5 more....
Do they match some of your picks ? I think so.....
OK ... I think the fog is drifting a bit ... I can see all except 48->where did that come from?

Also 03-24-46 and 01-27-44 --> 24 yes, the rest ?? 46 may 'make sense' if I go back 2 draws, 3-27 back one ... how far back for the 1-44?

... close? ... no cigar? ... way off?


I'm still trying to figure out the "END OF THE MONTH" part. I'll have to do some digging. :agree:

I knew you were a puurrty smart fella. ;)

PS.. If I told you where the 48 came from, you know what I'd have to do then, huh? :D

Not too sure if we're on the same page yet, but maybe, sorta.. :agree:

You are on your way buddy...
46 is good too but I would pick 44...Of course both would be IDEAL....
END OF THE MONTH is a mystery but it WORKS believe me ;)
18 not for me


I don't have that 18.....
The whole thing I call it F.I.T.H.T. (P)
That is a nice puzzle....
No guarantee this thing would work on Jul 9 but hey it worked well toward END OF THE MONTH and other times too :agree2:


Maggie said:
PS.. If I told you where the 48 came from, you know what I'd have to do then, huh? :D
oh Maggie :D ... let's keep that our little secret shall we? ;)

F.I.T.H.T (P) ... thsounds like thsomething thSylvester would thsay :lol:
here they are


Not too much Brad but hey this is what I can afford..
I am aiming for $10.00, if it comes I am a happy man :agree:


Now you're asking for it!!

ComboManiac said:
This thing could be called FITHT or FITHP......

hahahaha :D :lol2: :bounce: :bouncy: :laughing:
Watch it ... I can see Maggie with a snake-skin purse and me wearing snake-skin boots if this keeps up :dang: :lol:

But seriously folks, anyone remember seeing a method called RA234 ? R=repeat, A=adjacent(one off), 2=two off, etc.

Applied it to BC49 long time ago, about a years worth of draws, with limited success. Problem was too many nrs to field most times ... never did try it with CN49.

RA in my language is Rocket Arena and that is a mode in Quake games :D :lol:

No that wasn't what I am thinking about now with 6/49....
I have seen you doing research a lot :lol:
If u did go back to Aug 31/2002
The draw was : 07-18-22-24-25-34 !!
I had the 07-18-22-25-34 on target but I SUCK cause I didn't play COMBO 5.....You know of course what that would have been :bawl: 1,050,000.00

Then u came back later with something you caught in the news about BCLC wanting to make more money or similar....
Since then that F.I.T.H.T has vanished :( :bawl: