Prov Jul 9 Discuss & Prediction

I am still waiting for 18 and perhaps 09
And I hope the 40's die for now :D
Wil come back with best Combo 8's
Did u see how many guests we have ?


You just might get your wish w 9+18 ... I'm watching those and 15,17,19+37 too, have a feeling the teens could hit hard next draw.

What's up with the guests? I've never seen so many ... has something been changed on this ws ? ... maybe LT's using a multiplier to display the actual number ? :D

I have already sent an email to LT about him not answering my question in the Q and A Thread...Also I asked him another request...Let's see what he is gonna say...

Did u get my msg about BCLC ? they are still investigating the price increase etc etc...They told me will get back to you....

Later in about one hour or less with my best Combos....


Forget about the ones for July...So each draw these will be changed....
I wanna test and see

So far for June it was a $24.00 losses...Not bad considering the amout spent...
Right now it's 96.00 behind but it is not over yet...
I am wondering, could be this the ideal way to play ? Answer is yes if 4/8 was matched in the middle of the month....
Unless one matches 5/8 then I would stop playing that way...Instead I would play one combo per draw to enjoy the +..


Just curious how you come up with those ...

Ran some quick tests for the past hist (1193 dr), the expected for any 8 nr set is 52x 3 and 5x 4 hits, yours are:

1. 48+4
2. 65+6
3. 45+6
4. 55+3
5. 48+10
6. 70+4
7. 62+3

That nr 5. has had double its share of 4 hits


I always rely on my memory with pairs like 17-19 & 18-24-25-30 etc etc...

actually if you check my previous failed Combo 8 you would see that it hit 5/8 once like 01-05-18-24-26-34-35-44
But BC/49 is very well known for numbers that haven't come much together a lot of times....However those famous pairs, triplets etc etc do come once in a while...

This draw I am gonna play only 2.00 for BC/49 and the same for 6/ again til payday Jul 18 :agree:

One BC/49 winner after all these numbers !!
Couldn't believe it, there was just one winner on June 21.....


gotta love WH...

Yeah that one had 65x 3, 4x 4 and 5x1 according to Scan in WH.
That's some memory you got there, maybe a change of avatar to an elephant
is in order ... I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday :D

re: BC winners - the more the merrier, think there was a 50K win 2 draws ago too

I agree...

memory is good that sometimes it scares my parents and others.
I still remember things happened 36 years ago as if it was yesterday...

Also I still insist on 6/49 and what I had found recently....Yesterday's draw CONFIRMED that again...There were 4 numbers I was waiting for :(
I just need to play like $60.00 for AW 12....
When u come to Vancouver, we will talk :agree:



ComboManiac said:

Also I still insist on 6/49 and what I had found recently....Yesterday's draw CONFIRMED that again...There were 4 numbers I was waiting for :(
I just need to play like $60.00 for AW 12....
When u come to Vancouver, we will talk :agree:

Combo, whatever it is you see, I hope you're playing these numbers. :dizzy:


CN49 ... thinking along the same lines as Maggie


what's the success rate in your preds so far ? ... I'm thinking that 4/12, or even 3/12 on a regular basis is great and there are ways to at least break even.

I've noticed runs in the past where this was true, the trick is to maintain consistency as you well know. Short term gains are possible in almost any lotto but maintaining the hit rate over a long period is the tricky part ... or has been for me .

I can't play whatever I am thinking of cause there is no money for that at all....
in fact wife freaked out when I told her I had lost 25.00 or so..
I told her this is gambling and u just can't win with damn 4.00 Bucks...

Going back to 6/49, the clue is get a PAPER AND PEN and maybe you would know what I am talking about....
I am still kicking myself up to today cause I swear when I won on Aug 31/2002 with 2 diff. Groups, I could have won at least 3,100.00 or perhaps the whole thing had I played Combo 5...
trust me I am not kidding you.....Perhaps I would live to curse that day when I had the chance and didn't take advantage of it..

there is an upcoming trip that we have to make in order to see my aging folks....And that WILL put us in financial headache again.
I am just about to pay off cc debts, but it looks like I am going back under the water...This trip could be in Feb/2004....

Sorry I almost forgot to answer you Brad,

Success rate is YES 4/12 or even 4/16 but NOT EVERY DRAW...
BTW this thing was confirmed also when Bennie and Maggie matched 6/18 :D :lol:

I think Maggie knows what I am talking about.....Especially her picks are 80% of what I would do if I have the means...
The picture gets CLEARER as we approach the END OF THE MONTH
:p: :lol: :lol2: :bouncy:


Hmm.. everything I do is pretty well all with paper and pen, if you could only see my lists, you would probably laugh at me. It's still as clear as mud, tho. :confused:

that is the way to do it.......
my suspects for next draw without looking at any hints are :

02-06-13-28-38-43-48 but they are not enough so I gotta ad around 5 more....
Do they match some of your picks ? I think so.....


Combo, this is tooo weird. I have them ALL on my list. The only one I'm having doubts about is the 2. :eek:

Have you thought about 3-24-46?
u r on the right track

See I told you...
Now the trick is to get the REPEATS whether from last draw or previous ones...And that is a daunting task....
Can u imagine if 3 of the above showed up, then it would be profitable to play FW 12 ....
That way there is a huge chance one can match 4/12 and that is a lot of money.......

Don't get scared from Me cause Brad used to freak out too :D :lol: