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New to board and thread...

Been reading the thread and what the discussion has been about. Wanted to tell Tom....Texas also has 2 Pick 3 games daily. One at 12:30 and 1 at 10:30.

I two have been working on a tracking system for about 10 years but Im shooting for the EXACT combination to play. Cant tell yo how much I've spent lol...but figure it is all an investment to a larger goal as when I hit for $25.00 bet I will more then cover what I've spent besides the $6,000 I've already won.

Just within the past two months I've been able to find somebody who could put my ideas into software and am continuing to work perfecting the system. Unlike Tom's it does consider past results.

The software is "generator" software, however, it is a "controlled generator" that uses a "Code System". Insert "Code" and it generates 3 digit combinations. Can block any digit from consideration during generation process, generate only Even games or Odd Games, block Doubles, Pures, specific Sum Totals by denominations.

I have over 41 different charts that I use to determine what type of 3 digit combination will be next. Good thing about this software though is one entry into the Database and it automatically updates all 41 charts!

Hopefully in the future I will be able to post some pics myself!
Hi Clipper, That is good that you are making your own system and I wish that someday your system works very good. It is very hard to create a system, it needs lots of effort and patience. The first thing that you need to evaluate when you play picks is if you can win. The second one is how often. The third one, how regularly. The fourth one, how many numbers you bet and after having a balance in all these points, you need to start to bet to win money for a living. It is not easy but I think everybody can do it. Like you say, play with the statistics or past numbers, is not a good idea. It is not the best way to create a system. Like you, five years ago when the internet came to mexico, I went to websites to try to find the great players in the world or people who write books about it. I was disappointed because these guys are not good enough. THey have lots of systems but they dont bet because they know they cannot win constantly. They can win once in a while but not often. I remember I started to send numbers to prove to them that my system was good. Guys like LSLOVE from lottoedge Florida magazine started to write me back and even propose to me to write a book together. But of course he was the famous one, not me, and the deal was good for him not for me so that was the end. I chat with this guy lots of time and I remember that one of my first questions was how often do you win? and he was sincere and told me like he was winning only 1 time every 2 months which is terrible for a person that is supposed to be one of the top experts in the world. THey gave the people lots of numbers everyday but like in this way:

1 3 0
2 4 8
5 6 5
7 9 4

but this is a trick because they say this is the super matrix and choose a number because the winning number is in this super matrix.

Of course the number is right over there, is just a trick, almost all the numbers are in this matrix, but the people that have no idea about numbers or mathematics they get caught. So they get famous doing this and of course they get rich doing this. But yes they are successful people in marketing and they have 10,000 people subscribed to their websites. I wish to have a website i'm pretty sure that with my systems I will have 100,000 but i'm not a marketing guy, and I didnt find the right guy because mexico is totally different. Things in mexico right here work differently, we are years behind you. So, I just bet my numbers and yes i'm looking for somebody to bet my #'s in USA to share the money that we win and is a good deal for both because 99% of the people who bet everyday doesnt have an idea what numbers to bet and they spend lots of money betting but no winning.



Good To Hear From You

Good to hear from you Tomatin.....

I read where you said that past statistics isnt a good way to figure the digits, however, the system I have relies on that info for a generation process.

I maintain 2 basic charts....Frequency & Level of Play. Then I generate combinations off those charts based upon their standings using a Code System and other criteria I have. With additional tracking information I can even eliminate certain digits from a daily game all together which will make for less generations.

Generally Im looking for a specific "type" of game to play. Can even tell when Doubles are going to play a lot of the time or what I call "PURE" games which is 3 digits either Even or Odd. When that happens, those are the only kind of games I play that day and the software I have can block all other generations except generations of Doubles and/or Pures.

Am also watching the Sum Totals of the digits that play. Here in Texas for the past 316 games 197 of those games have Sum Totaled 11 through 20. I call these TEENS. This is a 62.5% rate.

I can often tell when TEENS are not going to play and set my software to either generate the Single Denomination (0-10) or Twenties (21-27). Or if I think Teens are going to play, I can block both the Singles & Twenties at same time.

Right now Im perfecting the part of the System to determine the Codes to use for each Chart and am closing in on something. Until I had the software to begin with, all my time was spent keeping written records, updating charts and still trying to figure out what digits to play. Now that I have the software my time is free to investigate other possibilities and it has opened up a lot of new doors for me!

It's nothing for me to have at least 2 of the digits that play everytime. It's getting that 3rd digit and the playing order that has eluded me a lot even though I've won $6,000 over the period of time I've worked on the system but have never played 100% of the time. In fact there were many periods of time where I went months without even playing. Now, I only play when I feel good about a specific game about to play and generally have 4-5 combinations.

I am a patient one indeed as I've worked on this system now for 10 years. Within 2 years out I knew I needed software to get the job done. That is why it's still a work in progress at this point :(

If I wasnt a patient person and didnt believe in what I have been able to create I would have given up years ago. In fact 4-5 years ago I had a programmer to work with me who was a Graduate Student at local University. He did get me some preliminary software however it wasnt working exactly as I needed it to work.

Never did get a revised or updated copy of the software before this guy finished Graduate School, got job with Raytheon and moved out of town :( Since that time I've had 2 other people (untrained professionally in programming) try to develop the software to no avail. So last February I tried a "last ditch effort" by going back to the University and seeing if I could find another student to work with me.

Found a GEM! He has been able to do everything I asked an more. Is writing everything in JAVA so there is no install and the software doesnt effect your computer Registry at all.


One more thing....

Forgot to mention that I checked out something for the Texas Pick 3 here today. After reading on the Message Board where somebody said they quit playing Pick 3 & 4 because sometimes they didnt get "paid" (if I read this right) there was mention of States limiting the number of tickets for combinations?

So I called the Lottery Commission here today. I was told there is no limitations but the person I spoke too said she thought a "cap" was placed on the Lottery in New York State recently.
Guess it is something Texas could/would do at a future date if deemed necessary but for now there is no "cap".

In fact, the person I talked too told me that when "777" played on 4-09-2003 there was over $300,000 in receipts for that day and they paid out over $1,000,000!

Good News for me because if I can ever figure out "the" one EXACT to play Im going to take me $2,000 and play it! I will, of course, have to get that $2,000 from my system as Im not about to dig into my pockets to get it.....even if I had it!


Godload said:
Hi Brad, I live in Ontario and I think the Pick 3's all across Canada are 2 options straight or boxed which is numbers in any combination. But in the States you can play Pick 3 with more options. You can play straight, boxed, straight/box (win one or the other if you play this option. For example if ya played 591 and it was 591 you win the straight but not the boxed in this ticket.), Combo you can win both straight and boxed if you pick this option so you can win both prizes. You can also play the front pair or back pair in US pick 3's.
In Western Canada, we have Straight, Boxed, and Straight/Boxed which pays out different amounts for the wager ($1 - $10).

-- (exact order) ----------- 500 x wager

-- 3-way (any order) ------- 160 x wager
-- 6-way (any order) -------- 80 x wager

-- straight (exact order)
------ 6-way --------------- 290 x wager
------ 3-way --------------- 330 x wager
-- boxed (any order)
------ 6-way ---------------- 40 x wager
------ 3-way ---------------- 80 x wager

3-way refers to 2 digits being the same, such as numbers 121, 445, 899. 6-way has 3 different digits in the winning number.
Hi Clipper, it's good that you have your system in software but you need to know this, every system in the world is based on results. What it means how many numbers you can hit per week or per month. That is when you realize your system is getting better or getting worse. That is the test for your system. I know lots of people that are betting $5,000 in one number and when the numbers comes up they are going to win lots of money but that is luck and yes it counts, there is lots of people that are so lucky but not all the people have that kind of lucky. If you check my previous posted groups of numbers you will see that with my first group of combo numbers I hit Texas with the 1-1-3 number and with my second group of combos I hit the 3-8-1. I just posted this numbers last week on April 29 and April 30. Like you said, I spend lots of time of my life improving my system without betting but every single day I get my predictions on my notebooks just to compare if I win or lose that day. That is the only way that you are going to know if your system works or not. Get your best numbers daily and compare it to the winning number(s). In that way you are going to know if you are getting better. The day that you realize that you are having more winnings is because you are doing a good job on your system. Of course not all the months you are going to have the same amount of winnings but I bet you can figure out if your system is getting better. I'm going to tell you another thing, every number has the same probability to win today, every number. Doesnt matter the past statistics. The difference is that the probability of repeating certain numbers or digits is too much lower than the probability of a number that didnt show up to came out. (sorry about my english). That is the way that lots of guys in their systems try to get the hot numbers but is not the way that you can have a consistent system to play everyday and win money every week. Like I told you the first step is to win but once that you get through that stage the most important thing is win more money because you need money to bet is not free and of course you want money to get back.



Hi tomatin2002, we are all still looking forward to your posting more of your number sets to see how they do in our own areas. :agree2: :wavey:


Here What You Are Saying

I hear what you are saying about the "probability" any number playing <G> Have heard this before from others and especially from "Mathematicians" whom I shared some of my ideas with before. Many of them say it will just "never happen".

These same people though dont know the full depth of what I do and how I can eliminate certain digits from consideration all together <G> There are a lot of times I get the Sum Totals right of what is about to play but just have the wrong 3 digits :(

My latest hit was with the 1, 8 and 9. It played in the 981 order and I had it in the 189 :( Today 878 played for ST 23 (Twenties) and I went 090 (Singles) :( Went the wrong direction for the Sum Totals but had the right Codes for my software :(

It had been my conclusion that the Sum Total of whatever played today would be an ODD amount. Doubles generated in the software was 12, however, only 6 of those had Sum Total ODD. Of those 6, 1 for Singles, 3 for Teens and 2 for Twenties.

With only a brief look at what could happen tomorrow, Im inclined to think the 3 digits will Sum Total EVEN which should be 2O/1E game unless PURES are about to play.


PS on the 113

When that 113 played.....I had 203....both Sum Total 5 :)

Dont remember if I had ruled out Doubles or not that day LOL
ok, lets warm up this forum because is getting so cold, i need 4 players who live in texas who wants to win money in pick 3, we are going to play only straight and dont worry we are going to win! so who is in?

Hi, thanks for answering me Roy. Do you play pick 3? and how often do you play? I don't know where the rest of the Texas players are...it seems like nobody wants to win money. Anyway, we're going to wait until tomorrow and hopefully we'll have more players.



Hello Tomatin,I play both day & night Texas pick 3.I'm off to work so I won't be able to play your day numbers if you have any.I'll check the board this eve. and see what you have,bye.../Roy
Hi Roy, well I guess no more texas players in this forum but it's ok. I'm going to give you some numbers. It is the first group of numbers so let's see how it works. Play it a straight only. The numbers are:


Just play it for .50 cents or $1. I'm going to tell you when to increase the bet because there is another group coming ok. Play this group for thurs, friday, saturday and sunday. I hope more texas players will join us. Goodnight.


Hello Tomatin,I've got your numbers and I'll start playing them today for$.50.We don't have a Sunday draw,but maybe we'll win before then.Thanks,later.../Roy


Ohio has a problem.....

Hello tomatin2002.
you have my interest in your program. Ping-pong balls are supposed to be used for two (2) daily draws six days per week.
What I see and what are reported as wins do not come together.
There is not any pattern that I can find that gives a player a suggestion as to where to start finding a lead. In the past few years, we at least could get some trace to make a reasonable play prediction but since December 24, 2003 the pick 3 game in Ohio, is reacting like it is being changed as in a programmers que in certain circumstances. I have worked up a five day program to land the sixth day prediction. It worked up until December 24, 2003 then nothing!
Do you have any suggestions to compensate this problem?


Teufellj....Ohio pick 3 player