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Dear Mr. lotto tutor: can you please read my post entitled "flipper wants help from the boys" and tell me if there is a way that many lines can be formed in which 3 numbers are never repeated on any given line? It is ok to repeat 2 numbers, but to repeat 3 is a no-no. I would be interested in what you can come up with. My post of "flipper wants help from the boys " explains what I want.

Lotto Tutor

Hi Flipper,
The easy answer but the hard way to create many lines without 3 numbers repeating would of course be to manually make the bets and manually check them. But that would be a ton of work. I'm assumming that there are a lot of lines here and that you are referring to a lot of numbers in the pool (maybe even all 49). I do not know of any software that filters for number repeats except for possibly lotwin which starts with all 13+ million combinations and works backwards by filtering. If any large balanced wheel were used with a large number pool I would bet that the generated lines would not contain 3 repeats as the wheel is trying to spread all of the numbers equally in as few bets as possible. For example the harmonized 100 ( ) is a huge wheel that plays all 49 numbers and a quick view seems to indicate lots of 2 repetitions but I don't see a 3. Anyhow I will check into this a litle more and if I find a repeat of numbers filter I'll post it.
Good Luck to You and Everyone in Tonight's draw.


Thanks for your time. Hope you come up with something. And yes, lotti tutor, I was planning on playing with all 49 numbers. So, I hope you can come up with some way to only repeat 2 numbers on any given line, never 3. As you can tell from this idea, I'm not interested in small wins ; I want to play for the jackpot only.

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