Lotto 649 picks Mar.23rd


I don't know Dennis .. only she could say LOL
.. and we would have to pay a her a fee $$$ for that kind of high level lotto advice :lol2:
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Don't worry LT I'm playing it also....maybe we should say generally when a number is cold:cold: real cold than wait until it comes back to play it....but I'm not following that pattern least not always...We both know that last year 49 had a long cold period without appearring...and we do not think it will happen again this is mostly unlikely!
I'm going after a high draw because throughout the history of the 6/49 no century had past whithout having a high draw all numbers bonus included over 20...but it hasn't happen yet in this century...last time that 6 high regular numbers over 20 stroke back in December I predicted that and I got 5 out of 10....but a higher draw is coming maybe not by adding the total between the numbers but by having the lowest number in the winning set over 20.....
Hope it clarify my latest picks here.....:cool:
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That is effective playing strategy DB .. and I and others are looking forward to you hitting another 5 out of 10. We will all be cashing in some good tickets :agree:



Just in Time!

I was just out at a function and hurried everyone with me back home to get my numbers. I hope my numbers were worth the rush.

Well here they are:

4, 27, 20, 38, 12, 48, 1, 19, 22, 32


Ran out of time, but I am playing the same numbers.

although I was considering switching to


Way To Go Bishop!

4 out of 10, outstanding!!! :wow:

And I didn't win.... :(

Well... I hope others took my advice on two 30's and one 40.
It was a low sum again.... high sum next time.

Well done to all the ones who won.
Congratulations to the winners!
Peter,Silly,Gandalf, Bishop ...well whatever is your real name it seems you have a lot of names and you were complaining about those who played 15 or 20 numbers you should not because you are doing it too playing under some assume names!
Too all the players that play for fun here don't worry about these negative posts...some people come over here with a different agenda, frienship and honesty is not in their vocabulary.
Let me tell you this...from now this board is my only home and I only have one player name always have....
LT you have the greatest board on the net for Lotteries !

So thank you Bishop for posting your winning numbers on the greatest board of the net ! :wavey:

Mr. Ken

:wavey: Good Afternoon LT,

I see your selections were a Big Hit again with "4" way to go.By the way LT if your in need of an AGENT you know were I am everyday. Take care. Mr. Ken
To all the rest with good numbers last night I hope you all cashed in on them.


Winning numbers drawn were...
02 04 09 31 36 40 Bonus 03

of which 4 of them were also in the previous night's Super 7 draw.

The numbers I posted had 2+bonus, and 2. :yawn:
Next time...

Congrats to all winners :)

Saving my money for the $10 million Super 7 draw :cool:
To Dwoods99

Hey dwoods99,

I am glad that you noticed that, cause this is not the 1st time they do that. Last Sat the numbers 2,47 were common in 6/49, Super 7 and BC/49
Makes me wonder what the hell is going on ?

I'm really looking forward for the next draw !
Maybe the real High one will come right after these bunch of low numbers under often has been the case in the past....and it should come in the next....
Yes Beaker...
1864--1866 and 1871 all is there...but remember that thing about the 15 when it comes it is often part of the high one.....I think it might be the case....I'll run my ...thing might help to guess.
Lot of things to check Beaker!:cool:


Dennis Bassboss said:
Beaker next time post your pick! I would like to see them! They are always good!:cool:

I will Dennis, while I'm in the neighbourhood.

I have to ask LT about an avatar :D
For 2-4-9
Check draws 227-781-993-1121
For 2-3-4
Check draws 71-883-1866
For 2-4-31
Check draws 965-1167
For 2-4-36
Check draws 419-1664
For 2-4-40
Check draws 71-206-390-567
For 9-31-36
Check draws 1507
For 2-3-9
Check draws 447-772-1290
For 2-3-31
Check draws 292-568-1086-1322-1513-1725
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