June 7th Picks thread ... new and improved

my thoughts

I think for BC/49 this coming Sat I would expect Low/Medium numbers and one 40...

Let's say 03-08-09 + few 20's and maybe teens too...
Plus of course their famous repeats from previous draw...


I sometimes like to see what LDir has to say, keep in mind that these were posted prior to wednesday's draw, bold hit :

These numbers have the strongest trending toward wins in the last 10 draws.

37 40 05 20 28 41 44 01 07 12 14 16

These numbers are overdue for a win based on the last 10 and last 100 draws.

34 49 45 29 03 24 13 36 06 11 09 27

... if you exclude repeats, take 3-9 from cold, the Trending lot supports your hunch.



Using AI this is my starting point:

05 12 14 15 16 17 19 20 26 29
31 32 33 34 38 39 40 41 42 45

Also maybe 07 22. Have not looked at any other stats/sw yet

Lite's server is down can't use it for this draw, and I think I'm gonna run outa time agin' so this is my back up plan:

17-19-20-22-26-40-41 ... call me crazy but first compare Old Wolf with my numbers, may add the 05 and go FW. So if I don't see you till late Sat,

Good Luck !! :agree2:
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Another 2 lines as well..

Sheba__:dog:~~~ ®™ Good Luck!

Group : 03-05-14-18-23-27-30-40-45

LottoBuddy & I : 05-14-17-21-24-26-31-34-47 FW

My Backup : 03-08-09-13-18-20-23-41-43

Luck to All and let us kick some butt....

Brad, you're not playing tonite ?
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11 24 26 30 40 46 02

Combo 7 ticket saved my butt by catching 3/7 !!! it was a backup to all the above tickets...
Kinda mad cause I had 2/9 with Group and LottoBuddy..

I can't explain why I win with Combo 7 rather than Combo 9 :confused:



You're good for $40. I played FW8 as posted above, 2/8. Too bad I dismissed the 11 earlier. Also 11,30,40 came out in CN49 too ...

AI got the 26, 40 and except for the 24 was off by 1 on all the rest, needs more work. Will make an effort to start earlier for next draw to have more time to analyse.

Got a recipe for you Cookie: take the numbers intended for Combo7, add 2 more and play as a Combo9 ! :D


Lost 42.00 in 2 days thanks to S7....But I got saved by the bell..
So ended up being - 2.00 Dollars and one more chance next Friday with Fistfull of Freebies :agree:

Actually I got 3+/7 in Combo 7 so according to your suggestion I could nail that sucker :mad:

Indeed we need a Strong AW 12 ( not 22 lines ) to match 4 or 5/12 rather than 3/7 or 2/8 2/9 80% of te times...

Finally Glad the Ducks fought hard to force game 7 but i believe the Devils have more Venom for the final Kill !!


Well you're back to winning now, even tho it's a trickle at the moment. Good call on the 24 and 11, shouldn't listen to me poopoo the 11 ;)

I missed the hockey but was part of something much bigger than that, my little girl soloed on her bicycle today sans training wheels or my aid !! Only a slightly scraped knee at end of day ! :)


Same ... 6, her older sister learned at the same age, she's 8+1/2 now. I was slow to start, ~8 :D
8 is funny

Funny but hey it works :agree2:

Ok there are some observations I wanna mention between S7 and BC/49..
I will do that later cause I am going to work out a bit..

Look at this :

Last Wed BC/49 were 33-34-36-37-44-46
Then the following Friday comes S7 with 13-25-32-34-35-38-46 11
You see what they did was repeat 34 then they put 35 which is missing in the 1st line then OOF 37 which is 38 then finally repeat 46....

Then comes BC/49 tonite and take the 11 Bonus then oof 25 which is 24 & 26 and finally repeat 46 again..

Now look at 6/49, last Wed it was 18-19-29-33-40-47 B 43
Tonite was 17-20-23-30-40-47 B 11 !!!

They OOF the 18 and 19 and 29 plus repeat 40 and 47 which is very pathetic....
This story has happened few times in the past.....

Will come back later with AI results for tonite's draw..