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I kind of like the 15-18 as well for the next couple of draws.
The 23 is finding its way also.


I have a sneaky suspicion that the 34 just might make a surprise appearance.
Last couple of draws I could only see the 26 coming up, but now I have to think of the 25-26 pair.
Maggie said:
I have a sneaky suspicion that the 34 just might make a surprise appearance.
Last couple of draws I could only see the 26 coming up, but now I have to think of the 25-26 pair.
34 is no surprized for me Maggie...It should have hit already...But 24-34 together there's something that could be surprising here.... :eek:
As for the 25-26...the're going to take part of the next real high draw (only one or none numbers under 20)...(Could be the elusive 09)But before that.... the 20 has to show up...And it will... :eek:
Bringing it on top to refresh your memory and also to show you where some numbers from yesterday's draw came from...

Dennis Bassboss said:
The best announcers for the 20-43 combo in the whole history are the 45-31-16-09 they preceded them the most...
In the last 25 draws the 36-22 preceded that pair the most...
And in the last 10 draws the 22-11 preceded that pair the most...
Watch for them when they come... the magic duo could strike hard...Funny...Didn't we see these 2 announcers in the last 2 draws???:eek2: :eek3:

In the entire history the 20-43 pair have been announced by the
45=15 times---42=12 times---26=11 times---07=10 times
31=15 times---34=12 times---22=11 times---02=10 times
16=14 times---33=12 times---06=11 times---46=09 times
09=14 times---25=12 times---41=10 times---29=09 times
38=13 times---21=12 times---37=10 times---11=09 times
36=13 times---19=12 times---20=10 times---03=09 times
30=13 times---15=12 times---18=10 times---40=08 times
01=13 times---32=11 times---08=10 times---04=08 times

From there...
49=07 times---48=07 times---44=07 times---43=07 times
39=07 times---35=07 times---27=07 times---24=07 times
23=07 times---17=07 times---10=07 times---05=07 times
47=06 times---28=06 times---13=06 times---12=04 times
14=03 times

If you want more I could give you more ....
In only 10 of these 67 announcing draws (with bonus)the sum was at 140 and lower....
And do not forget that the 20-43 combo is getting closer to its average skips...
:eek: :lol:
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Here's more...Here are the split decades announcers for the 20-43 combo...
01--05=47 times
06--10=52 times
11--15=34 times
16--20=53 times
21--25=49 times
26--30=46 times
31--35=57 times
36--40=51 times
41--45=51 times
46--49=29 times
Now if you look at this the 11--15 range and the 46--49 range have announced that pair the least...They are due to do so...and I think that they are just announcing them for the next!!


Dennis Bassboss said:
Check these draws they are telling a nice story here....

With alot of the above draws, it looks like the 9-42 could come up in the next draw or two.
What is very interesting is that the last draw has created 3 new open pairs....12-13...30-31..44-45...I'd say that some of the things announced by them will occur in the next draws...By the way ...Peter's theory on going back by 10,100 and so on prevailed in the last draw....take a look at draw 1952...The 12-13 is right there.... :eek:
This is my dancing set :dance1: ...remember that one from a while ago folks...
Now all these numbers in red came up in yesterday's draw....I'd say study that one closely too...