Discussion for May 10 draw


Thanks for that ldir data dwoods99 :agree2: - that's great stuff.

I have ldir but no S7 data :rolleyes:

This will be another tool to hit this big jackpot. :agree:

Hopefully, I'm in the ballpark tonite :smokin: :D


Yes Beaker and Dwoods. You got me on that one.
I was thinking on the lines of the 6/49 and not the 47.

Mid-range for the 47 is 174.(no bonus)
The exact equivilant to my range would be 174-208.0
But I wouldn't take that.

I'd take 174-190.
Thanks and good luck to all! :agree2:

One of us win.
Make it so.
I just went back and look at these discussions...we were in the ball park....
Picard said:
Ok, here's the big question.

Will 38 show up again??? :confused:

What's with that number. It's wrecking my wheels.
I hope it dosn't show!

I'd say the sum should be high, around 150-180.

Dennis Bassboss said:
The 30-40 looks good...I like the 14 also...39-40 or 29-30 make a triple and you have 41 or 31...or both... :idea:

16 is also in striking distance....with 46???

Dennis Bassboss said:
Don't forget that elusive 07 Beaker....It is in the radar screen...:agree2:
Dennis Bassboss said:

This is reflecting in the overall last 25 announced draws too!
Good point Picard!
So we should focus on in between decades 10 to 40 to get the most of the crop here...

Amazing...simply amazing folks...will get it at one point and hard!!! :agree2: :agree2:
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:mad2: I can't believe this draw - I won very few qps from all the tickets I had.

That 38 had to show its face again. :rolleyes: Shoulda known.

It might hit again :lol: