BC/49 & Quebec/49 Aug 31 Pred&Numbr


Brad and Combo

Congratulations on your win, guys!! Looks like your day of reckoning finally did arrive. :finger: :thumb:
Thanks Maggie

Yes we do need more days of Reckoning :agree:
I just hope we keep it up and most importantly is one of the ppl here gets this 10 Million :agree2:
Even 5/6+ would be great for now !!
Brad, Wait a minute Winhunter is alive


I went back to my papers and found out after testing Winhunter that it got 4/10 in one Prediction out of 4 !!
Here they are:

1- 09-14-15-16-17-20-23-30-36-46 High
2- 08-11-12-18-27-35-37-39-44-48 high 200 draws, couldn't do 20 draws cause it gave me 16 numbers.
3- 04-05-07-18-25-31-32-34-39-41 LOW and it did match 4/10 and btw I used almost all of them in my different sets.
4- 01-06-12-27-28-37-41-44-47 LOW and it's version 0.2.13

So you can see the LOW of version 0.1.4 is the killer and I remember the low ones are the winners back in the beginning when they matched 4/16 in 2 consecutive draws.
Almost all the time I play based on OVERDUE and it did win last Night but most of times it's not the case.

As for 6/49 there is no such luck in Winhunter. Actually Lotto-Analyzer is a bit better but still can't 3/6 right.

Super 7 I get 3/7 quite often with Lotto 97 prog and sometimes 4/7 but you know I don't play it . But it's important to keep an eye on all of them for now :agree:


Re: Brad and Combo

Thanks Dwoods and Maggie !

I think it's just a matter of time before your day of reckoning arrives , my hat's off to our cyberspace comrade Combo too :agree2:.


how do you get Winhunter down to 10 picks, what parameters did you use?

Cheers :)
Brad here they are

LOW-> Min 8->Skip 1-> USE QTy 20->Overdue 7-> HitSpan 4 and 1-->Sequence 4-->MatchScan 6-->Pairs 3/5/8 and everything else is "0" Didn't use Hunting !!

Let me know if you get similar results b4 entering last nite's draw into history.


Revised this post, fixed an error in my hist file.

Same setting for WH predicts:
04-05-07-13-18-25-31-34-39-41 mine
04-05-07-18-25-31-32-34-39-41 yours

9 nrs same as yours but still a 4/10 hit, can't explain the 13-32 diff.

Same setup for next draw (1107) gives:

Lots of singles showing .
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Very Good Brad

I think I have a mistake in my history. Might have missed one draw that's why we have a slight difference.
But hey I might go still for overdue numbers. I am really hungry for winning, even $40.00 will keep me going :agree:
The problem we are facing is which one should we go for ? LOW-HIGH or AVG.
Every draw is a new page.
I am personally waiting for 04-05-21-41-47 but in the same token I am scared form 12 (my nighmare) :lol:
Don't forget to play 6/49, it's worth it :agree:


I was following another system for last draw, that one would have hit for 12x 3 from 46 lines or when reduced to 18 lines it got 9x 3. It's too new to rely on but I'll keep you posted, unless it craps out, then you won't hear about it again :D.

Was it Winhunter


That system u r talking about, is it outside Winhunter in predicting ?

That 24 repeat prevented me from getting more money. I don't learn :mad:
I am always ignoring the repeat but in the same time it's hard to guess which one is gonna hit again :confused:


Not Winhunter, I'll post it later.

Tried Rep-ability filter yet? Could include it in the setup for last draw changing the wt until 24 shows up (without losing the other 4 hits).