BC/49 & Quebec/49 Aug 31 Pred&Numbr

Lotto 97 : 03-16-17-22-32-34-39-40-44

Lotto-Analyzer :02-08-09-18-26-35-36-38-39

WinHunter 0.1.4 : 09-14-15-16-17-20-23-30-36-46
Another parameter : 08-11-12-18-27-35-37-39-44-48

Winhunter 0.2.13 : 01-06-12-27-28-37-41-44-47

These of course are for BC/49

They look crazy and can't make my mind up :confused:
It gets worse for BC/49

Only 11 ppl won 5/6 and that is very very bad.
That's why I feel like not playing big this Saturday but it's too late to say that now.
I hope I can get 3/9 :agree:
I am gonna go like this 1 FW 9 and another AW 9 twenty lines.
Of course I will have my own Combo 7 :lol:
Here they are

The day of reckoning has arrived :agree:

FW 9 : 07-18-25-26-28-31-32-39-41

AW 9 : 05-18-21-22-25-34-37-44-47 20 lines

FW7: 04-12-17-28-33-34-47

Good Luck and If we lose oh well what's new :D :lol:


Today is Combo day !

BC49 picks

Here's hoping :p:

02-07-11-21-33-35-39-40 , Combo 8
01-18-25-31-34-39-44 , Combo 7

and you thought I was talking about ...:D ... but seriously folks, best of luck on your FW9, may you get at least 5 hits Combobud !!

And Dennis, I know you're busy these days but sometimes the picks made in a hurry are the best !

Best of Luck to All !!

Similar Numbrs

hey Brad,

I hope one of us wins or possible both since we have common numbers.
if not then I hope one of Progs win so I don't feel bad hahaha.
we shall see. Don't forget I have one Combo 7 for 6/49.
Is your W 8 a FW or AW...Pls specify next time.
Cause we all know Combo 7 is always FW :D


Combo 7, Combo 8, Combo 9 .... etc. is all BCLC terminology for full wheels, but you knew that !!

It seems that we're close in our nr selection most of the time although we probably use diff methods, can't explain it :eek: .


Well you know me and temptation...ran into my fave lottery clerk in town and one thing led to another ... isn't that how it always starts? :lol:

Hot off the press, todays BC49: 07-18-22-24-25-34-B48
We Both Won yeaaaaa BABY

Congratulations to Both of US...
You got 40.00 and I got 200.00 in Combo 9 plus $220.00 in AW 9
WTG friend Killer instinct animal Supreme.
I could have played Combo 5 and maybe win thousands :bawl:
Why cause I predicted 18-25 :agree2:
Gotta go now and talk to you later Friend.
There is hope 4/9 man it's painfull cause it's not FW
Re: Québec/49

Dennis Bassboss said:
Here they are...

:kaioken: :kaioken:
My goodness again one of my hints came up :eek: ....the only downside instead of the 36-37...it was the 35-36...
Tonite Québec/49 results are
16-19-26-29-35-36 bonus 14
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Thanks Dennis

Mon Ami

I hope we can keep it up so we are ahead.


No FW9 as I have to split cause I need the money now.
Surely next payday we will play FW9 again.
I should have played Combo 10 but I got scared :bawl:
Lotto Analyzer Rules !

remember a week ago or so I told you I am gonna imagine playing AW 18...well guess what happened ? Lotto-Analyzer matched 5+/18.
I guess Andrew will have to implement The Announcer Theory and I think he will once he's got time :agree:


Hey Combo,

put both your W9s together and get 5/18 as well...how's that for electronic vs cerebral software when it comes to picking.

Don't fret about FW10, hind site is always 20/20. Get a few more FW9s under your belt and co-workers will be jumping into your pool head first begging for bigger wheels :D.

I put the accent on the wrong wheel today but am happy with the 3/7. August was a good month for I'm up almost 90 bucks (in BC49 that is, we won't talk about S7 ;) ). Think I'll stick to this strategy for a while.

Cheers :)
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Re: We Both Won yeaaaaa BABY

ComboManiac said:
Congratulations to Both of US...
You got 40.00 and I got 200.00 in Combo 9 plus $220.00 in AW 9.
Big Congrats to both of you :agree2: :cool: Keep it up :)
Thanks Dwoods

Thanks my man. It has been a good month like Brad was saying.
I hope all of us could win more often so we feel better.
Gut feeling telling me Lotto-Analyzer and Winhunter (when it's optimized) both will match 5/9 or similar.