August 21 Discission


I wish there was an intelligent wheeling system with an added filter
to combine numbers according to set previous draws. If I had for
example 13,31 in my set, the program would suggest to include 28 etc...
or if I had the numbers 40 and 8, the filter would suggest 3 as good
combining number for this pair. Probably should post in Q & A.

Geenie said:

I do agree with that 42 showing since it also likes to pair with many of the
previous drawn numbers and your 1, 27 with 19 looks even better.

I'm playing the 9/42 and 12/23/24 for this draw.

I don't think this draw will be under 160.

I could not answered your post Geenie as my internet line was down..(cable company problems) but I was to say to you that I like many of these numbers...and I consider a few but that 42 should be landing tonite... :agree2: