Worst Pick for June 14



I think a limit of 4 for worst is a great idea. I don't think secrets would be revealed this way and this forum may improve on more hits... ...that is what its all about, right:agree:. Of course, no discussion in BEST and WORST... ...there is the discussion thread for that like we always do now too. I think this will work well:agree:.

Nick Koutras said:
Hi Beaker,

What you wrote is fine...
The idea of this section shall be used to
improve our selections by reducing the
Search Space of the Game we play.
It is as important as the selections themselves.
From the ones that all we post as "Bad Numbers" like 15,12,13,10,31
we shall get a very good idea as of how we shall play the Game.

We shall not expect to be always correct on the selection of the "Bad Numbers"
but these numbers will help us all to look the Game from all the perspectives
of the Ideas provided by the poster.

I'll re-emphasize the importance of posting 4 numbers minimum as "Bad Numbers"

We all learn, and no doubt that some day soon one person of this group of nice people
will be the first in a series of Winners of this game we love.

Lets also keep this Forum free of discouraging posts that attack each other
in such a way that defeats the idea of a Lotto Forum as "Exchange Of Ideas".