Welcome TroyT from Madrid & London !


Hi thee!

Thanks LT! (and others!)
Please consider me as a complete newbie on this!

I'm from London, but because of my work I'm based in Madrid.

I play the lottery here and back home in the UK. I've never done anything like wheeling nor based my number choices on stats.

But it's something that I've been meaning to find out about for quite a while!

In Spain we have three type of games that mean we can play everday! The only difference being the cost of the "bet":
Type 1 (cheapest) Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri.
Type 2 Thu, Sat.
Type 3 (most expensive) Sun.

I just usually play the same sets of numbers (based on family dates etc....).

But funily enough, my parents, who have just retired, have got me onto finding out about "lottery plans" (they play the UK lottery, without fail!)

Hoping to get some advice!!!!!!!!!!