Under Attack


I have been finding things slow on the Internet today with many sites down. I have checked why and here is the reason.

"We are monitoring massive Distributed Denial of Service attacks all over the U.S. tonight starting at around 11:30 PM CST. As many as 5 of the 13 root nameserver have been down, up to 10 with massive packet loss." "It's all of us. We have 100% loss on Sprint and 40% on Verio and 70% on UUNET."
"I am thinking you will see it on CNN in the morning."

Here is a British info link:

It appears that all countries are affected and South Korea is wiped out entierly :(

So if the Internet is not working correctly for you and everyone else in the world today it is because the main providers of the Internet are undergoing a massive DOS (denial of service) attack.