Triple announcers!

-------------Whithout bonus---------------
The ways the numbers showed up....
the last-----------last------------last-------
82 draws------25 draws-----10 draws--

38=17 times---09=07 times--42=04 times
45=16 times---35=06 times--09=04 times
09=16 times---48=05 times--27=03 times
47=15 times---45=05 times--19=03 times
31=14 times---42=05 times--48=02 times
41=13 times---20=05 times--45=02 times
33=13 times---19=05 times--40=02 times
20=13 times---12=05 times--35=02 times
05=13 times---47=04 times--33=02 times
29=12 times---39=04 times--31=02 times
27=12 times---38=04 times--30=02 times
13=12 times---36=04 times--29=02 times
19=11 times---31=04 times--28=02 times
17=11 times---27=04 times--23=02 times
16=11 times---17=04 times--20=02 times
15=11 times---16=04 times--17=02 times
12=11 times---15=04 times--16=02 times
11=11 times---06=04 times--06=02 times
48=10 times---05=04 times--03=02 times
44=10 times---49=03 times--49=01 time
40=10 times---41=03 times--47=01 time
36=10 times---40=03 times--46=01 time
34=10 times---33=03 times--43=01 time
26=10 times---30=03 times--39=01 time
25=10 times---29=03 times--38=01 time
23=10 times---28=03 times--37=01 time
22=10 times---22=03 times--36=01 time
07=10 times---18=03 times--24=01 time
04=10 times---07=03 times--22=01 time
43=09 times---02=03 times--21=01 time
42=09 times---46=02 times--14=01 time
37=09 times---44=02 times--13=01 time
35=09 times---43=02 times--12=01 time
30=09 times---37=02 times--11=01 time
28=09 times---34=02 times--01=01 time
39=08 times---32=02 times--44=00 time
21=08 times---26=02 times--41=00 time
08=08 times---25=02 times--34=00 time
06=08 times---23=02 times--32=00 time
03=08 times---21=02 times--26=00 time
02=08 times---14=02 times--25=00 time
49=07 times---11=02 times--18=00 time
32=07 times---03=02 times--15=00 time
10=07 times---24=01 time---10=00 time
18=06 times---13=01 time---08=00 time
14=06 times---04=01 time---07=00 time
01=06 times---01=01 time---05=00 time
46=05 times---10=00 time---04=00 time
24=04 times---08=00 time---02=00 time

Here are the numbers announced...they are formed by all the possible triples from last draws's numbers....see what happens this time folks....

:cool: :cool: In red=Where they hit last night As it does happen most of the time ...if you look at the last 10 draws you will find 4 winners when the numbers were announced 00 time and 01 time ....but take a look at the 3 top announced numbers from the three different time frame and you have 3 winners out of only 7....:agree2:
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