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ok lotto lovers, I came across this quote on the Texas Lotto home page:
The Texas Lottery, the 4th largest selling lottery in North America,
{Yea, surprised me too.) And started wondering, what's the top three then? I guess it would be Powerball, Megamillions, and Florida, ? then realized it said NORTH AMERICA, so I switched FLA to Canada.... Am I right? Does anybody know?

& BTW, there are SO MANY Canadian lotto help sites on the web it makes me wonder if somebody who's got all these 6/49 specific SW and knows the sites and strategies, & uses them all, yada,... has a Can 6/49 lotto lover like that ever won? & if anybody like on this board ever won, would you tell us about it?

Playing curious George today.


I doubt the Candian Lotto is very big :no: The problem is we only have 30,000,000 people in the whole country These huge $100 million jackpots would not happen here. In fact, I think there is some law that says it can't go that high. Typical Canadians :rolleyes:

Only between 13-15 million tickets sold/draw here - not much when you consider New York and maybe even Texas :agree: alone might have that.

But, as I've said before Rebeckah, we have one thing y'all will never have -
No Tax on Lotto Winnings :party: :dance1:
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well, from crusing the www I find oodles of Can 6/49 sites, but nothing for US draws. I mean, there's THIS forum, but I've yet to find anybody discussing US draws like you all do here. I would think Powerball and Megamillions would at least have a forum. Maybe I just haven't found it yet. Or maybe you Canadians are much more community minded folk? Even if you do have weird laws. {Except the no tax on winnings part, that's very sweet..)