To Maggie


Maggie said:
I don't know about you, Beaker, but when I get close to Bracebridge, Huntsville, make the turn onto 69, and go through Parrry Sound, something happens. I don't know if it's the air or what, but I get excited. And I've been away for alot of years.
Sorry everyone, I know this is off topic. :cool:
I know what you mean Maggie. :agree: all the tension of the big city gets released. Its funny, when I start the drive back to Toronto, and I'm on the 400 I can feel the back of my neck tense up and I get a headache right away :sick:
BY next year at this time the road will be completely 4-laned from Toronto to Parry Sound - could be only a 2 and a bit hour drive :eek: