Super 7 predictions March/08/2002

Results tonite are...
07-09-15-23-32-34-45 bonus 20
Congratulations to the winners tonite....both NbrsDudes and Dwoods99 got 3 good numbers.. yes Dwoods99 you will have some free tickets again next week... me...only one tonite no hints on target but....I'll be back don't worry and 41 should be back too whithout a doubt folks....Congratulations again !
:cool: :cool:
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no luck !

Although I did get 3 numbers out of 10, my wheel was not enough to cover them. I had 2 right on each, and had it been a different number to match, I would have most likely got a couple of winners.
Oh well :eek:
Sorry I forgot that you can't wheel like here where you are..what cost you 6$ cost only 2$ here...but you have 6 quick picks selections while we can play only the selections in our wheel....Don't worry you'll get more next time...:cool:
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