Straight picks for Sept. 25


I have to say wheeling 42 numbers is a nightmare but hey at least you got some money back.
Next time do let's say 24 numbers. I won't tell the wife :lol:

Last time I didn't tell the wife, I spent 14.00 and I got back $460.00 so she liked it :agree2:



:bawl: Well I should have had 3/6 played enough numbers but NOOOO!!!! The only thing I won was 3 free tickets due to encore.
Played the right numbers but not on the right lines.
That 33 was a surprise. played the 30's but 32,34,35,36,38. Only got the 34,36. on one line but not with the 2. What happened:confused:
Anyway good luck to everyone on the next draw.:agree2:


Unbelievable set of numbers. I picked a bad night to spend $100.00.
when I usually spent $40 for each draw.
If I played all QP's I probably would have won somthing.
Congrats to the ppl who managed to get 3 nbrs.
I'll do better on S-7 (can't do much worse)



Re: My results

take_this_job said:
I had a hunch that 2 (hot), 34 and 36 (priors) would hit and therefore placed them early in my wheel.

Good luck to all!
You should post these "hunches" next time :agree: :agree2:


Re: Sept 25 picks

Bones said:
Going with 2 sets of 11#s for 4/5 12 tickets and one full wheel of 7#s for 7 tickets.

01 02 03 04 17 27 29 32 34 38 40

07 08 10 12 14 15 28 39 43 41 45

02 18 21 36 37 43 44:agree2:
Some nice picking here also :agree2:

Nice hit Bones with the full wheel :dizzy: