steve player system


has anyone heard or know of or tried steve players new system called money map 3. It seems very expensive but it shows the checks in his newsletter that he was paid by the state. Any feedback would be interesting to read.


Hi retxx!

While surfing I found he's website. I order the catalog and it seems very impresive, however Impresive and very Expensive for an a strategy that is not explained and that is manual. It does have his checks but Iam still skeptical if you look at the cheat sheat and others does not make sense to me maybe I am just missing the point, and sombady could enlight us!
It takes money to make money


I haven't even read it but I know for sure that in order to win decent money we have to gamble big time like 20 Wheeling system with at least $1,000.00
Cause sooner or later you will hit something big with the above system.

My advise is don't buy anything unless of course you are rich and willing to lose some moneybefore winning :)



Don't anybody quit their day job yet (until the Jackpot's cashed in that is) !!!

Good point Combo!!