South African bational lottey


I just want to know the folowing on our national lottery.
I use my own system to predict at least 20 - 25 numbers per draw.To date I won 6 x 3 no's,2 x 3 and a bonus and 1 x 4 no.I also tried the lotto hat system and the XYZ system but to me it don't yield any dividend.I would like to konw if there is not a system to use on our young lotto system.In my country there is a growing perception that our system is rigged-I seem to agree with this(most of the jackpot winners comes from only one section of our population).

I see LT has a Top 20 numbers.Is this only for Canadian lotto system or can I use it in our system.

The top 20 numbers is for Canadian Lottery only. If I were you , I would stick to my instinct and forget about LottoHAT or XYZ.
In the past I had won because I followed intuition. Those Lotto systems are useless.
The more numbers you combine effectively, the more you gonna win.