Saturday picks


welcome ebola9000 :)

I have two questions if you don't mind. How do you play the Atlantic 5 from Kelowna? and I thought Atlantic 5 only went to 39 - could be wrong on that - so that 40,44 is going to be hard to fill in on the slip.

Perhaps you are in the wrong thread cuz those look like excellent 6/49 #'s ;)

Good luck :agree2:

that handle :worry: me :eek: :lol: are an awesome psychic....If a number over 39 comes...You'll be remembered as one of the best psychic in history...Yea!Yea! a real Nostradamus or An Edgar Cayce....Let me try one of my own here:dizzy: .... I think that you already posted here on this board under others alias too... :agree: :baby: