RNG Thingy


I want to pass along a link that might be of interest to some members. It is a link to a random number generator that was sent to me for inclusion in the lotterydirectory.
Now I never pay any attention to "random number generators" as they are about as useful as a quick pick. :dang: The best or most pathetic random number generator I've seen was a small plastic box that fit on my key chain. It had 49 tiny balls inside (numbered 1 to 49). There was a column at the side that would hold by gravity 6 of the balls. You could keep shaking the plastic device until 6 of the little balls were in the column and voila! ... there is your bet.
I disrespect random number generators so much ... I'd rather go to the crow to get my bets than use a random number generator. :lol:
Anyhow .. this random number generator has a couple of features that caught my attention. BTW a quick look at the site tells me this is not freeware but it appears that without registering it for $20, the worst that happens is the user has to put up with a nag screen. This RNG allows users to choose lower and upper limits and increments of the numbers. Limits can be positive or negative values and digits can be excluded. I have just seen it so no tests have been done yet but I think that this RNG could be used to develop random number sets (from a limited pool of predicted numbers) that have desired charachteristics. Like it could be used for filtering to develop numbers like a wheel but without the balance of a wheel. Some lotto people believe that the balance of a wheel is actually detrimental to the winning potential of the lines.
This thingy might be worth a look?



I share your feelings on RNG's and I'm afraid this one isn't going to cure you from those feelings.

The unregistered version nags about only allowing 0..29.
There is a trick to get around this limit: Make the lower limit -19 and the upper limit +29. Than add 20 to every generated number.
The nag screen is a b..ch, but it'll make it to work for 6/49.

To actually pay $20 for this program is a crime in itself.

You can do exactly the same in (for instance) Excel. The only thing that this program offers over a straight forward Excel solution is the "Exclude duplicate numbers" option, which a (very simple) macro could solve. The same goes for the "Autocopy to clipboard" option.

The program "promises" to be able to reproduce a selection by specifying the seed. This option doesn't work, and it's not clear if that's only available in the registered version.

I'm not usually this negative, so I end this message with a positive thought:

Thanks for the crow tip! :D :D


Thanks very much Goswinus for taking the time and effort to pull apart the RNG thingy and let us know that it is useless like every other RNG :(

I guess its back to the crow for me :D
The pig at the flea market that predicts 6/49 numbers has predicted a 5 hitter again I've heard...The only downside that pig needed 6 millions tickets each and every draw for one full year to achieve it....poor fat piggy :baby: :lol: