Regional Picks for Feb.1



here's what i do have in mind.........i feel very confident that winnings will soon occur....when that does happen i was planning to contact you and Brad and share some of that...over a cold beer, somewhere in your town.....should we really put our minds to it - and such an occasion would be a very good reason - either through LT or through public things such as the bclc, the newspapers, or whatever other things we can think of, making personal contact is not, i think, out of our reach......but the win has to be there would be a nice resolution, i think.......and the win has to be of some note........after all, were it not for this, my internet lottery support group, i, too would be in a the next draws we go....:beer:

Yo Daleks,

As stated b4 , LT won't allow that otherwise we would have played Group Play long time ago.
Now the newspapers is the best way to go if you ppl wanna get together one day I guess here in Vancouver if that's the case.
As for winnings I think You might be able to Hit 5/6 many times but 6/6 or 5/6+ that is remained to be seen..


I like daleks plans ... take them one step further tho and pool our $$ to start our own brewery !! :D ... always wanted to have one of those

(Problem is I might drink the inventory)
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