Quick, stupid question!


Hi thornc

Re "Quick, stupid question!" ... there are never any "stupid" questions. Sometimes there are just "stupid" answers :D

This answer to your question does not fall into the "stupid" area however.

Email addys, private messaging etc. are not permitted. They were at one time but a silly person came here and abused the priviledges. The person copied this forum and contacted members here to "bring them over" to the cloned bulletin board. The person engaged in Internet abuse of the theft of a propriatory membership list. Please understand that a vibrant lottery comunity like this one takes years of work and lots of money to develop and maintain. Just like a spammer abuser who wants to post their ad garbage for free on pages that receive thousands of views per day, other types of abusers would wish to steal a membership list to provide them with traffic that they have not earned through either person work or financial investment. Web Site Traffic is a very valuable commodity and is only legitimately earned through the development of quality web site design, content and marketing. To add the final straw to the abuse, the silly person returns to this community to post under various alias names with the purpose of insulting members and disrupting this community. I have for quite a while contemplated taking on the expense of an easily attainable law suit against this abuser.

If any member here is ever approached via email or any other medium to join a bulletin board that looks like a poor replicant of this community, please email me with details and a copy of the correspondence so that I can retain the evidence with what I already have complied for future use.

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you know what's really stupid is that if that person would spend some time to develop something that people really wanted he could have ONGOING web traffic. But cuz they try to take the low road by stealing email lists, they have to constantly work at getting more addys whilst ducking those trying to stop him. Even if everybody here signed up under the copycat board, he'd get no traffic if his boards sucked. I'm on some email lists and boards that have 100's of members and haven't had a new post for months. Nobody frequents those places cuz the content sucks. I think it's easier to keep a board going with good content than it is to run around playing a game of thievary. Of course I've done neither of those things, so what do I know? ;)


garfield said:
Hey I want to use my signature!!!!!
Why can't I???

you dont have to answer this...hehe...

c yas...:p:

I'l try for a 2 out of 2 non stupid answer garfield :)
The signature thingy was stopped for the same reason ... so that no emails or web links to other forums etc. were posted.
Spammers were posting messages with a "buymygarbage.com" in their sigs.
But maybe they should be allowed because if they were abused the sigs could be deleted just like posts?
I'll have 2 think about that. :D


No..man...don't change that....
I was doing some thinking...and conclusion was:

what do we need signature for....something that will mark our posts....same line or two in our posts....heya man..that is boring...so my line would be something like: "I hate monday"...you don't have to see that in every my post...


so please keep signature OFF!!!

thanks....:agree: ...

oh yeah and :p: