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Hello Dennis

in the loto analyzer, what is exactly the meaning of annoucced/announcer.
I am a bit confused hehe. I might ask for questions if you don't mind ?

O:K: lets explain take these 2 fictional draws...
121-01-09-19-24-37-43 bonus 05
122-02-04-13-34-39-38 bonus 17

In draw 121 the numbers 01-09-19-24-37-43-05 all announce( so they are all announcers)
of the 02-04-13-34-39-38-17 one time each...

now in the next draw (draw 123) lets suppose that the 01 comes up again lets say 01-08-18-27-44-46 bonus 03
in the very next draw (draw 124)
124- 02-05-11-21-32-41 bonus 16
What we see here is that number one announces the number 02 again so it announced number 02 on 2 seperates occasions...if the same scenario repeats itself again and again we can say that you have some good chances of getting the 02 in the very next draw that follows its presence...
So here number 01 is an announcer of number 02

Now the announced thing if you look at one number and if you want to know what number between all of the numbers has called for it the most often you look at the announced thing higlight on the top the number your searching and you look beside all the numbers in the grid under besides each numbers is the total time that the perticuliar number has called for the number on top..this is the announced thing....
Hope it helps!

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I think I got your point


Thanks for the info my friend, it helped a lot.
My question now is the program can it do a 12 number prediction based on announced/announcer ? Or do I have to enter that myself after the annouced analysis ?
Did you get any useful free prog from the winsite I mentioned few days back ?
Finally, when I look for forecasted numbers i noticed there is one constant number on every line even though I didn't set it up for that !! Why ??
Thanks my man. I think this is a powerful program.

No it only can work with a 30 numbers pool...well as it is now and I don't think that it would be wise to reduce a pool by only looking at announcers either but by looking at other things it is quite possible though you have to step out of the program...
As for the forecast numbers you should have 3 different ways of picking them and one option permits you to include a fix number. I can't tell you why you can't change the settings on that???
As for the link you provided for accessing some programs ...I was looking and searching for a program that can announce numbers from the occurances of some pairs ...I'm still looking at them but so far I have some here that do the same thing so like I was saying I'm still looking and searching! :)
Another Question Dennis


another one pls :) If i updated the loto analyser with the newest data for Super 7, will it erase my quebec/49 input ?

BTW I found out why the number was constantly there, it was the setup "interval" that kept it in every line.


If you update your data by hands it won't change anything in the other lotteries database...if you change the entire data folder it will only shows what you have in your data folder but if you only change partially your data folder it won't get rid of any draws!
Hope it helps! :cool: