mine are 15,29,38, so the line is : 15-16-18-29-31-38

I came up with 16+18 as well, so those two could be it - all we need is one more for a bit of cash ... it's just for fun anyway, cheaper than a cup of coffee ... would be nice if he had more players but hey maybe the two of us can pull it off.

We're missing 2 decades but instead of overanalyzing let's go with first instincts.

As far as the 'regular' crunching goes, I don't see any 01s decade coming up, could it skip 2 draws in a row? The 40s are kind of played out except for 43+45. Still :read:

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ComboManiacs post copied from prev thread


I have another 3 for you if you want to go for it.


Last night Winners prize payout confirms a theory I have. Only 8 ppl matched 5/6in BC. That is a miserable record.

Like I said b4 we should go for a Common AW 10 or 12 perhaps after this BONUS 6/49.


Done ... bit of a dog's breakfast but it'll do :D

OK ... 11-14-36--> 03-11-14-28-36-43 and 15-16-18-29-31-38, I'll just try these for now, but if you want there's your 12 nrs too!! ;)


Re: ComboManiacs post copied from prev thread

Combo said:
... snip... Last night Winners prize payout confirms a theory I have. Only 8 ppl matched 5/6in BC. That is a miserable record.
I think this has to do with the small nr of ppl playing BC49, on avg 600k/draw tickets are sold ... look at the odds then of ~1:25 vs actual ~1 in 10 draws having a JP winner and I'd say BC players are pretty savvy. Unlike 6/49 where probably every draw has enough tickets sold to potentially cover all poss. combinations ... yet not all have a winner (players on our BB excepted of course ;) ).

re: POWER PICKS ... 1.(3-28-43) 2.(11-14-36) 3.(15-29-38) 4.(16-18-31) ... I will play FW4, all six combinations !! :D ... call it der WUNDER WHEEL (wunder if it'll win :lol: )
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I already purchased my $2.00 ticket and it has the 2 lines we agreed on.

My group will take a rest if we don't win the next 2 draws. I am kinda tired doing all the work then I have to share if we win. So afterward I will come back on my own and play let's say AW 10 thirty lines 3 draws in a row.

I still can't understand why ppl here in BC wake up and smell the flower by investing more in BC/49 rather than the expensive 6/49.
For God's sake even S7 is cheaper than 6/49 !!

Did you see what happened in Kamloops ?


Not sure if you mean the shooting ... that's tragic.

re: BC49 vs CN49 ... could the diff be in adverts ie: not much in BC? ... or maybe not many really give the odds much thought, look at S7... they get lured in by the size of the advertized Pot not realizing what it takes to win.
This can be seen everytime the pot is bigger than normal, just look at the increased tickets sales when that happens ... like bugs to a nite-lite, adds really work on the 'crowd'. Whereas BC49 is 'steady as she goes' no swings there.

Plus you're in a very tiny minority when analyzing nrs for any draw, I feel that most ppl just plop down 10 bucks for a QP, pick their b-day or play fave nrs of some sort. Especially the ones attracted to the increased pots who normally do't play at all ... just some thoughts ... cheers !
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Advertising could be a big factor in ppl's behaviour when it comes to buying tickets. But in the same token they should think about playing FW 8 or 9 $14.00 or $42.00 versus $28.00 or $84.00 !!
I know in ONT And Quebec Advertising is tremendous based on CBC lotto speciall a year ago.

Did you see that smart guy in ONT. He is 30 y.o. and plays only SPORT ACTION games and he uses COMBO PLAY with a software to win millions like say 8 M and he lost I guess 1 M !!
Now revenue canada are after him cause they claim it's not a WINFALL anymore, they said it's a JOB..Because he's smart they wanna punish him..So since then they are both in court and I sure hope he wins against those F crooks.
This guy had to save all his losing ticket slips just in case he loses his case and he would have to show all these slips as a write off.


I saw that! Greedy feds ... leave the guy alone !! Death and TAXES, don't know which is worse :D .


We're using this BB as a chat room today, hope LT doesn't mind ;) , but there's one more thing I wanna say about this bright player.

On the surface it seems the gov't vultures are after their pound of flesh but there may be more to it. How is he any different than someone bagging $8M in S7 ? However... think what would happen if he ever went public with his system, there goes the gov't cash cow ... bankrupt in no time. I'm willing to bet he'll get off with a simple gag order, they're squeezing him to protect their own nest.


If he does that, he would create havoc. But remember the guy lost lots of money. His odds could be 30- 40% everytime he plays.
Honestly if I were him I wouldn't give any info to anyone cause I wanna keep winning :lol:

Now 2 rich ppl can do it with BC/49 how ? just one plays a huge AW 25 let's say $2,500.00 and the other plays the remainder AW24 That means 100% 3/6 match. Not only that but the chance is there that either AW would get 5 or 6 right. You and I know matching 5/24 would be great and the return will be huge.
Then we would know 100% if the lotto is FIXED or NOT how ? In each draw if we kept getting 3/24 and 3/25 all the time. There is the proof that it's FIXED.

That guy is doing similar cause ONT lotto prohibited him from buying too many tickets from one store so he beat them by buying tickets from many stores instead :lol:

Finally you recognize that losses will be incurred by playing that system. But matching 5/6 is inevitable or even bigger.
Tell me what do you think.


... the rich keep getting richer and ... you know the rest :lol:

Also I think if the gov't wants the man to stop playing they should pay him ... Big Time :agree2:

If I had the money I would play AW 18 $250.00 at least and the numbers are :


Let's see what is gonna happen.


You showed me yours, I'll show you mine :p: :


As usual we match about 1/2 th nrs, the 1 did not show for me, was put there to get tot. 18, it was either that or 3.

Tried to make 18,6,5,6 wheel with CM, the prog bogs down when I try to optimize, without opt. gets~540 lines - close to your $250.

Can you imagine if either combos produces 6/18 or even 5. I would be pissed off big time.
Like close to $300.00 investment can turn to hundreds or thousands !!


It's happened to me before, it will again but knowing when is the trick. At $250 a pop one can run up the tab fairly quickly :D


I matched 3/6 in a $2.00 ticket so I did better than my group where we spent $10.00 !! Combo Play lost today.
As for our imaginary AW 18 you matched 2/18 and I matched 3/18 bad of course.
I couldn't believe tha avalanche of 40's again....



didn't see the 40s coming either, except 43 which was strong on my list, along with 29 but that's it. The 2 fooled us sneaking btwn 1 nd 3 we picked, ... 39 was my strongest oon, hits as a bonus.

Congrats on the 3 hit, broke your neg streak :agree2: .


Comes Oct 23 I would play Double Dip for the group as I am tired of marking numbers for them with no rewards.
After that I will play for my own like I told you b4 ( AW 12 40 lines or more).
Of course I am saving in between by spending only $2.00 per draw. So today was a nice surprise winning $10.00 !!
I swear I was thinking of pairing 41,43 but I said nah it can' t happen :mad:
How much money did you spend today ?