Provincial Numbers for Jul 17

Here are my picks for Jul 17 BC/49



Note I am banking on 12 and 41 and if both show up, I might be smiling :agree:
The first selection is 20 lines.


Your favorite numbers 12 has been dead for a while as well as 4.
Is it time for resurrection ?? :lol:


Looks like we agree on two nrs and that the 30s are unlikely.
My picks:

I like 11 more than 14 bucks burning a hole in my butt pocket...full wheel ?! :agree:

Loads of Luck Combo et al. !!!

3 and 29 look good too...
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bad day for both

hey Brad,

Is there a way to determine how much money won if you match 4/25 Full Wheeling system ? I am talking about BC/49


Yes Combo,

I have that info somewhere, just have to dig it out.

25 FW...177,100 lines...4/6:
........ 210*4@$50=$10,500

Total $63,700/$88,550, need to match 5/6 to make money on this.
That would get 20*5...950*4... 11,400*3 hits, you do the math :D .

Can't go higher than 22 FW if you want to cash in with a 4/6,
22 FW- 4/6: 74,613 lines...153*4...3,264*3...$2,983.50 in your pocket.

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Is there a website for that ?


Thanks for the info. Is there a website for that ?
The best way to play I guess is to do it in 2 full wheeling systems

1- 25 FW
2- Backup 24 FW

Therefore one day you would trap the six numbers in either. But eventual losses are huge though :agree:



don't know about WS with that info, got a prog that'll go as high as 32 sure is the 4/6 ? Have you considered 'power nrs' aka 'bankers' for wheeling?


I should have said designated nrs, or as Dennis calls them DN. Combo5 uses that approach where all lines have the same 5 nrs then add the remaining 44. I think you play that sometimes. One can drastically reduce the cost of wheeling, ie:
...25 FW= 177,100 lines
25-1 DN= ..42,504
25-2 DN= ....8,855
25-3 DN= ....1,540
25-4 DN= .......210

To get the most returns the DNs must be matched, but say with 25-4 DN even 3 hits (2 must be DNs) will get 20*3 match, almost doubling the cost.
Don't know if this would help with the system you had in mind.

If I could consistently match only 2 nrs, every third draw on average, I'd play 49-4 DN , with 990 lines the guaranty is 164*3 and 6*4 hits. The key word is IF :D .
Brad, very bad stats for BC/49 Jul 17


Can you imagine only 10 ppl in BC matched 5/6 ?! That's absolute crap :mad:
Nobody even won 5/6+ for the 3rd consecutive draw at least.
The above stats are the worst in the history of BC/49.

The Prog that you have


The prog that you have about the $ if matched 4/6 5/6 etc etc, is it SW or have to be bought ?
Actually my systems I was talking about is pure Full Wheeling system that doesn't have KN.



it's bought, Gail Howard, I've had it for years, but I still often refer to it. There is a way to do the calc from scratch, did it long time ago, but I'd have to 'dig real deep' to find my notes on that.
Btw 'KN' that a Keeper Nr ?
Caution!! Getting a second mortgage to finance a 25 FW play might backfire !! :dizzy: :D

Stay :cool:
nope Don't worry

Hey Brad,

I am not stupid to waste that amount of money on Lotto plus where is the time to write down all those combinations :D :lol:
It was just curiousity as BCLC doesn't publish this info.
If I ever do something risky like that, it would be FW 12 !!
Speaking of that, one guy gambled FW 13 ($858.00) and matched 5/6 cashing in $ 16,600.00 The question is how much he lost in the process ?


A speedy printer, good slip print prog...go nuts! :nuts:
Hey I never thought you'd actually do it, it's fun just thinking about things like that though...



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