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This is spooky :eek: . :lol: , you reading my mind ? I just downloaded the free version last nite !!! Hey if you could use the same powers to pick nrs...:p:
Spooky Stuff hahahaha

I know I am scaring you :D
But let's put this skill into matching 4/6 quite regularly :agree2:
LDIR,Does it last only for a certain time then it dies ?
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Stand by, I'll start my own FAQ section :lol: .

...don't know, had the trial prog long ago, bfr it became free but you must realize that my brain works like a Commodore 64, the info is there but the processor is snail-like...:scatter:
That's the one I was looking for :)

Hey Brad,

Do you remember when I was asking you and Lt about a prog with special features and it looked like DOS enviroment ?
Well it's LDIR as I recognized it from the screen samples.
At the time it was a limited version but now it's free as you said.
I like that FAQ question thing :lol: :lol: :) :D
Cons of LDIR


we can't just save what we have entered as data unless you buy the program :sick:
Actually it's better than winhunter cause it's more simple but can't complain about Winhunter (it's free).
So everytime we want to look at stats etc etc we have to enter 100 entries. Then next draw have to do it all over again.



it's tough to get a prog that will suit all needs but many are good in different ways. Out of the ones I've tried can't beat LotWinPro when it comes to wheeling, filtering and data manipulation. Like most if not all progs out there it is not so good at predicting winners but goes beyond just being an excellent statistical tool mainly because it's fast and very easy to work with. Problem is it costs a lot, I could only afford a 3 month subscription (can't be bought outright).
Their free LotWinLite is a must have when it becomes available. In the mean time there is the Pro evaluation version which does everything the registered will, except it blanks out 1st and 6th nr of any generated combination.
Guess what I'm saying is that I think it's worth the effort to set up the free eval. version to take advatage of the features that are not disabled. I am working on that now, but am having slight problems with importing history data files, they get corrupted once loaded. Did not experience this before so I hope to resolve it soon. I can keep you posted of my progress if you're interested ...