Prov Nov 6 Predict. & Picks


BC49 Picks

Hey Cookie Monster et al.,

man am I rusty :dang:, but to no surprise we agree on four nrs as usual :cool: .

I'll go with FW7 for these: 03-09-18-24-30-36-46 , my usual 'Dues'

the rest of my list is as follows:

oons 15-39-17-11-12
reps 38-49-16-45-11
anns 11-01-08-18 .

If I play more lines today I may include these: 01-11-38 and possibly 08.

Good Luck Players :agree2: !!

12-23-40-43-47-49 B 04

I have been so lucky these days playing QP's and that is what happened tonite with 6/49.


Where did all the efn 40s come from ?!! Even tho I did not look that closely at the prev draws, didn't we have 4- 40s just 6 draws ago? Also Oneoffitis rears its ugly head again :dang:.

Daleks said he was gonna spend around $80.00...I am afraid he might have lost a lot tonite...I hope it's the opposite.
Now for this Coming SAt I am splitting a combo 8 with a friend.
And depending of what is gonna happen tonite ( 10 m or not 6/49) I will either play double Dip or AW 9 for S7 :agree:

The draw tonite doesn't make any sense therefore I will resort to Quick Picks Combo 8 in the near future.


Don't give up on Daleks yet

There were two nrs that didn't show in the last 7 draws, 23-47.
Has a chance for a 4 hit if he played as posted, although there were 35 nrs to choose from if bonus was not incl.


good morning.....played 1.5 times the usual ($100) .....made nothing on the straight bc/49 play, but on the two 13.50 slips i played both bc and 6/49, got 4 3/4 and 3 4/4 for total of 190. lots of bonus # also which did no good. although four of the numbers were below five, i will stick with that for the next draw, play all numbers five or less. my 6/49 picks were pathetic and i will stay away from that game, perhaps the odd quick pick or combo 8 just to be in the game. looking forward to sat. draw

congrats combomaniac, nice to see you winning.....

For 6/49 just stick to QP'S as we have no clues which numbers to predict...
Looks like BC/49 heading that way too with those crazy 40's.
Who knows 40's migh hit again like 2 of them.
Good job on the $90.00 winnings at least you are winning but you are a big gambler :D


Re: Question for Brad

ComboManiac said:
Brad, How is that program that you tried long time ago doing ? It was the one that allows only 15 draws to analyze....Sorry I forgot the name.....
Were you thinking of LotWin Pro ?? ... sometimes I played nr sets based on last 'x' draws, usually 15-20. It 'expired' months ago ... great but expensive prog.