Hello, this is my first post ever here and I hope one of you might be able to answer me.
I've been doing this basic Statistics Project and I'm puzzled as to how to calculate the probabilities for winning numbers. Even more so since I live in Holland and I'm using the Dutch Lotto as framework. Here the Lotto is 6/45. However, there is a 7th Bonus and Colour ball which gives a little extra.
So, you can get:
All 6 numbers or
5 numbers + colour + bonus (the bonus ball decides the colour)
5 numbers + bonus
5 numbers + colour
5 numbers
so on...
to at last 2 matching numbers.
How would I calculate the probabilities for obtaining each? If not for this game, how about for a 6/4X game? Are there any sites out there which can help me out on this? Thx for reading.
Go into the free stuff section here on this will find some free programs there that might help....:agree2: I know a very good player that comes from Holland and plays that same lottery with color balls....I know that he could gives you all your answers very quickly....He might be here soon also!:) Also many lotto sites gives you the probability or odds of winning various lotto games....
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ok, thx for the quick reply Bassboss.
I'm not only interested in it for the Project itself but for the fact that I'm a regular lottery player here, so knowing the probabilities would allow me to get a feel for the chances I have of winning whatever...
btw, I've checked many internet sites for hours but haven't found one yet that gives me probabilities for winning in the same sort of system as this. :(