Predictor Genie Tuesday Hot Picks

“My predictions for Tuesday the 7th of May”.

**Remember Box your numbers**

Quebec 3/4 (708/ 7415)
Ontario Pick 3 (205)
Western Canada Pick 3 (638)
Canada BC Daily 3 – (147)

CA- Pick 3 (257)

AZ- Pick 3 (741)

Michigan Midday Pick 3 (852)
Michigan Night Pick 3 (359)

Michigan Pick 4 Midday - (5873)
Michigan Pick 4 Night - (2506)

Georgia - Pick 3 (187) Night
Georgia - Pick 4 (9635) Night

Texas - Pick 3 (986) Night

Delaware - Pick 3 (152) Night

Florida - Pick 3 (837) Night

New Jersey - Pick 3 (953) Midday
New Jersey Pick 4 (5249) Midday
New Jersey - Pick 3 (257) Night
New Jersey Pick 4 (6357) Night

New York - Pick 3 (846) Night
New York Pick 4 (5876) Night

Mass – Pick 3 (737)

Illinois – Pick 3 (562) Midday
Pick 3- (865) Night
Pick 4 (7500) Midday
Pick 4 (0209) Night

Maryland – Pick 3 (321)

South Carolina – Pick 3 (805)

Indiana – Pick 3 (367)

Ohio – Pick 3 (527)

CT – Midday Pick 3 (425)
CT – Midday Pick 4 (9005)
CT- Nighttime Pick 3 (379)
CT- Nighttime Pick 4 (6873)

Kentucky – Pick 3 (402)
Kentucky - Pick 4 (9963)

Pennsylvania – Pick 3 (778)

Virginia Pick 3 Midday (108)
Virginia Pick 3 Night Pick (799)
Virginia Midday Pick 4 (6258)
Virginia Night Pick 4(3529)

Maine (808)


Todd, just a question, what has your success rate been, I think it's great for you to take the time and effort for everyones benefit, I don't know how you arrive at these predictions, I quess I don't need to either, but how have your predictions been doing?

My numbers have been doing well. I hit the New Jersey Pick 3 a few days ago. Others have been claiming good news on the Predictor Genie's numbers.

Louisanna? Sure I can add that State with the Pick 3 & Pick 4




Thanks a Million Todd!

If possible, how about 35 tickets for the Louisiana pick3 and pick4..

Again Thanks

PS I am new at this, so any suggestions on any of louisiana lottery games will be great..
How to really play the Pick 3 & Pick 4

The Pick 3 and Pick 4 work the same - the only difference is of couse that the Pick 4 and (1) extra digit {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Now, in regards to the 35 - I suggest that you always box your numbers. Meaning, that when you box your numbers that means that your number can come in, in any order. I always play the same number at least $5 to $10 worth. This way, once it hits I make 5 to 10 times the payout. These are simple rules. In my software that is coming out in June. And thanks to LT I am hoping that in the middle of June I can share my link with you.

Because one of the nice benefits that comes with the software I post the Cardinal Rules to playing. They are hints and rules that will make you a better and wiser player of the both the Pick3 & Pick4.

You can go to any state lottery site and find out the rules to playing the game. They are really good about explaining how the game works. -

For now, I suggest that you play $1 a day on a number and make sure you box that number. This way, you can get a feel for the game. Winning is fun and the challege is finding that perfect winning number. That's my business I am into conducting formula and code to predict a winning number. Currently, right now I am not using my software because it is in development. But, it will be out soon! LT - I'm sorry would it be Ok to mention that they can view my site? Until I get promission I cannot.