Player picks for May 25, 2002


Re: Congratulations Hellswarm!!!

The best picks tonight comes from Hellswarm with 5 out of 12. Very well done:D :D :D
Although his post was modified after the drawing time. Hopefully, it was not changed to make it look better, but I think that ComboManiac would have spotted it and said so.

LT got 4/20... Congrats to all.

That makes 3 draws in a row for number 34.

No winners last night...
Next draw is $5 million :)


Dennis Bassboss said:
Hellswarm I will congratulate you ....the day that your post will not be edited after the :p
I got 7 numbers but didn't play them :lol:
It's funny how that first number -12- is out of sequence :lol: maybe that 35 should be a 34 :lol:

6 numbers -- WOW!!! :eek: - not.
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Re: Re: Congratulations Hellswarm!!!

Originally posted by dwoods99
That makes 3 draws in a row for number 34.
And now the may 29th draw had 24-44 instead, go figure :)

BTW, look up at Hellswarm's avatar... how fitting! :lol2: