Pick 3 Ohio......


Hello folks.......

Has anyone on this panel tackled the Pick 3 in Ohio, Midday or Evening games?
I am in askance because this state appears to have obliterated any means of tracking, following a pattern; past history doesn't work either.
I created a workout that uses five day winning past digit sets to get the sixth day. This program was working in Ohio until December 24,and then it doesn't work at all. I might add that thru two years of testing the six day principal works for all states wether they have six or seven day plays, it doesn't matter. My problem is that it won't work in Ohio.
We supposedly use ping-pong balls for the drawings or so they show on tv but I've drawn some conclusions over the past few months with "proof" that what they are showing and what is happening in the math department doesn't jibe.
I could use some input and suggetstions.