:cool: Lottario picks for October 4th.


And Happy Birthday, kitty, wherever you are. Even tho you removed it from your profile, moi doesn't forget these things. :birthday: :gift:


BC49 winning numbers: 01 03 20 33 34 47 bonus: 09


6/6 $1,000,000.00 1
5/6+ $50,000.00 1
5/6 $500.00 20
4/6 $50.00 1,333
3/6 $10.00 25,827

Total Payout this draw: $1,384,920 ... guess BCLC is in the red after this as they usually only sell ~$350K/draw ...

So Combo, you think we'll see some 'screwy' numbers next draw? :D
... and don't tell me someone in the interior won since I can't find my QPs from last draw :dang:

ps. thanks Tweety !! ... and you'll always be that since I can't come up with a suitable name for your new avatar ;)
Welcome back Brado

Hey Buddy

Nice to see you back :agree2:
Yes u r 100% right, Tonite's draw will be screwy....
The 60,000.00 winner from your area hasn't showed up yet !!!
That was back in Mid Sep..
Don't worry about BCLC., cause I am sure they made lots of money b4 forking out the amout u mentioned ......
Not too much to play today, just 2 lines for both Lottos....
I am preparing for this Friday and Sat to see what WE can come up with :D