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I have been reading this board and visited lotto sites for a while.
First to say I play 6/49 lottery. I have been using Lotto Pro 2002 for a while but without any results. I only produced 2 out of 6 :(
I made a test I generated 3000 smart numer tickets (with Lotto Pro) and matched against the results and guess what: it only produced 1 or 2 tickets with 4 out of 6. This is just bad. What do you think? What are your results?
On the other hand I wonder how I can come up with lets say 20 - 25 numbers that have high probability to show up in the next draw. (like Top20 or so...) Please let me know, but be specific: not say choose some hot and some cold numbers and that's it. I need specific tehnique to come up with best numbers to wheel and play.
Anyone play harmonized 100 bets? What are harmonized bets exactly and how you came up with it?
Please help me narrow the numbers so I can have better chances with the numbers.

Thanks !


first you got it wrong

You say hot numbers, cold numbers, my numbers, his numbers. The first thing you must have a chart that shows numbers that hit and bonis numbers right. Now look for patterns check back 10-15drawings. now jump back 30-40drawings and see how many of those numbers took a cooling off stage
now you can tell which are really starting to get hot and which are ready to die. now deside how many numbers you want to wheel ( how much you can afford to loose) one thing to remember is when every number you wheel is used the same amount of times pays better. the adv. player unless he is extreamly good at picking his numbers should stay below 12numbers there are several 12number wheels
that play each number 3-6-9-or more times remember the more comb. the more money. good luck
ex.1.2.3 .4.5.6
12number comb each number used three times for
six bucks I have won 5-6 on this one.
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