NFL Oct. 11


Colts , Panthers

Manning and Harrison are rolling... Lets not forget what they did Monday night against one of the best Defenses ever... and without James... James returns this week and Indy deals the tough Panthers their first loss.

Saints , Bears

Okay, chicago won one... thats enough, even the Saints shoudln't be bad enough to lose this one.

Titans , Texans

In Tennesee had beat the Pats, I might list this as an upset special... but the Titans are going to come out firing on all cylinders.

Packers , Chiefs

The Packers went a long way towards climbing the power poll with an Impressive win against Seattle... I wonder if they kick it to Hall though... at all.

Dolphins , Jaguars

The Phins learned their lesson in Houston about overlooking teams... that loss might have been the best thing to happen to this team. The jags looked good last week on O... but this week they face a slightly tougher D.

Patriots , Giants

I'm hoping I'm wrong about this one, but after looking at the Giants D very closely this week, I have to say that they are frightening up front, and their DB's are looking pretty good as well.

Browns , Raiders

This hurts... but if the A-Train ran over Oakland last week... whats William Green gonna do to them this week, add to that the return of Holcomb and Oakland is in trouble.

Cowboys , Eagles

#1 Rayed offense in the NFL. Parcells has to be in consideration for coach of the year... but the Eagles are just starting to get their groove back on.

Redskins , Bucs

Just what the Skins wanted to see, a pissed off Bucs team out for revenge on the first team they see after the new Monday Night Miracle... Ramsey may want to call in sick on Sunday, I know I would.

Ravens , Cardinals

One of the Lewis' either Ray of Jamal is gonna have a huge day... on second thought, maybe they both will.

Bills , Jets

The Bills found out just how badly they Missed Henry, and now he's back, look out New York.

Broncos , Steelers

Speaking of teams wanting to send a message after a tough loss, Portis and Plummer could both have carreer days this week.

Seahawks , 49ers

And the trend of very Good teams facing off against creampuffs after a loss continues... TO might just want to leave his sharpie on the sidelines Sunday.

Falcons , Rams

Is Bulger starting? What about Vick? Well, then I gotta go with St. Louis.