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Has anyone tried the Lottery Tracker & Wheeler software from EOL (at yet? Just looking for some feedback, to see if it is any different from all the other software out there

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Lottery Tracker & Wheeler from EOL is a comprehensive, major player program like Versabet, Lottery Director, Gail Howard, Lottery Boss Pro etc. and does all the stuff that you want. The big feature of the Tracker & Wheeler is that it is windows based whereas most of the other programs are DOS based so Tracker & Wheeler has a more engaging interface. EOL also offers an online community where players can download wheels, database updates and there is a bulletin board for members to exchange tips. Membership costs $9.95 per month.
Lottotutor, as you know from my previous posts, I have a few systems myself, such as Gail Howard , LottoPro,.... . My question is "To your knowledge, is there anything superior in this system (LTW), which is missing from the other systems?". I am interested mainly in systems, not in other clubs or forums. This forum is plenty enough for me. Aside from the occasional Sunday, when a few of us (myself at the head of the bunch) lose their sanity and start posting useless pet-trivia at the rate of 23 posts a minute, this forum is very informative.

On that note, being the major culprit, I wish to thank you for your great work in putting this Bulletin Board together. I have a feeling that our membership is going to grow exponentially in the next few months. Soon, yes soon we will have a Jackpot winner in our midst. Probability dictates it.


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Other than the nice windows interface with lots of screen views, LTW has pretty much the same analysis features as the other big programs.
I'm biased but I have to agree with you that this bulletin board is one of the best around based upon the knowledge, helpfullness and general fun that is offerred by yourself and the other members



AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!! A very good mix of ideas and comments from everone always something to look at and think about,and sometimes some light hearted silliness.