Murphy`s Lotto Laws


Some brilliant stuff on Murphy`s site,for a lough or two while waiting for that cash cow.

-You check the paper and find that you have all six numbers, but then you find the newspaper misprinted two of the numbers.

-The Jackpot gets to $40,000,000 and the numbers match all the numbers on your lotto slip, but you forgot to buy your ticket.

-The Jackpot gets to $40,000,000 and you finally win, then you find out 3,000 other people also won first place.

-You match 4 numbers, but you lost your ticket.

-You've been playing the same numbers in the Lotto since it beginning. Then they change the Lotto game saying it's what the people wanted.
(You know it's just to make it harder to win so they can make more money).

-The only time you win, it's a pitifully small amount.

-Your spouse wins, then leaves you.

-You finally hit it big, then you find out all the friends you never had.

-You finally hit it big, then you die the same day.

-Whoever wins either is already rich or has won at least once before.