Meaningless Trivia


Did you know?

Oct 21 2000 numbers 38 43 44 45 46 47 were drawn

wheeling number of possible combinations
7 numbers 7 combos
8 numbers 28 combos
9 numbers 84 combos
10 numbers 210 combos
11 numbers 462 combos
12 numbers 924 combos
20 numbers 38760 combos

I KNOW ! I have too much time on my hands. That's what happens when you retire!

Have Fun!!


Meaningless trivia is good once and awhile.

It makes interesting reading :lol:

The wheels you have listed are full / complete wheels.

Abbreviated wheels are cheaper

to cover 20 numbers for a 5if6 Guarantee

ie if 6 of your numbers come in then you are guaranteed a minimum line of 5 numbers on one line.

Combinations = 850


some thoughts...

As long as you can hit 3, you can buy a full wheel up to 11 numbers and still make a small profit 56 x 3 = $560 from $462. Also, if you can hit 4, you can make a profit all the way up to 18 numbers on a full wheel. Still, Irvin's on the right path with a lower guarantee, unless you're damn sure you can hit the 4/18. Even then, you'd have to fill out over 18,564 boards to collect about $19K (assuming 4 is worth about $50).