May 24 Prov Discuss & Picks



He looks at recent history and see what is hot and what is not.
He never thought 1 would show up, but it did.....
In general he's good cause his mind is awake and observing numbers..He's 64 y.o. and should be called ComboManiac 1 and myself should be ComboManiac 2.....


Hehe ... yes to fixing data, no to AI nor any number crunching yet,
feels like I'm spinning my wheels here and I'm not talking lotto wheels :D

Should have some time tomorrow I hope, just catching up on post reading today ... 'how you doin' ?

Actually I am downloading "Friends" from Kazaa so I can laugh a lot....
BTW kazza has lots of hacked stuff like "software" etc etc....
but they have spyware too for advertising purposes etc etc......
The other day I went to a site and it had lots of popup stuff..So the next day I found out my system configuration has changed :bawl: against my will..So I do a scan ( pest patrol ) and I found that damn GATOR and GAIN...Then deleted it .....


I tried something similar to Kazaa, it was called LimeWire I think. Did not use it as much as I thought I would, so got rid of it 'cuz it took up a lot of space ... but have been having problems ever since. Not sure if LimeWire caused it, too much of a coincidence in timing tho :dang:

1st do u have anti-ad scanner ? if not then that could be it....But Kazaa and Shareaza are ok even though they have spyware embedded in my machine......
What kind of problems u had ?
How much space do u have on your machine ?


S***t ... just wrote a post and lost it, got kicked off, which is one of the probs ...

Anyway ... I do have a pop-up stopper from panicware, but that's not the prob. My unit seems slower and locks up from time to time for no apparent reason, de-fragmenting helps for a while. Have been deleting progs I don't use so drive space is ok, think my laptop is just getting old, will have to upgrade soon ... been avoiding the inevitable I think.


HD ... have ~2.5GB left from 4.5, no anti-spyware tho. Don't know if my Norton Internert Security would catch Gator ?

2.5 GB is a no no nowadays.....Norton Security is firewall I believe so I suggest that you get Kazaa 1.6 NOT 2.1 and download Pest Patrol 3.2 ( it's hacked ) then if you get it just ignore the kazaa spyware file only and of course delete the others....

Yea you were right, it was a mistake and the guy won only 50,040.00..My email to them worked :D

BTW I downloaded BearShare, and it installed at least 80 spyware files into my machine so I said CIAO baby :lol:


I bet it was a double dip ;)

Got Kazaa's latest version and Pest Control 3.2, both work great !!
Did not find any bad spywares so that is a good thing,
also grabbed an Excel prog already
... aaand my laptop's been behaving all day ! :agree:

That is what I thought....But you gotta grab the latest patch for Pest Patrol as it's the one that will expose what is inside yur machine...When I upgraded mine weeks ago, I got the bad news of spyware in my machine...
the version you have I believe is Mid 2002 so you gotta dowload the latest patch...

Also keep your anti-Virus up to date cause Kazaa has few of them when you try to download stuff...