March 8 PIKS and Lets Talk!


Here is what I play..

04-08-14-22-26-27-33 4 Lines WB 3. Cost is 8.00 per play. I have no luck with these numbers so maybe it is time for a new set?

Maybe I should play 5 in one line and take the 2 thats left over and add 3 more to make a second line..

play just 4.00 a draw instead of 8.00.

Will think on that and decide for next week cause I have them already for this week!

Anyone have any thoughts? I have being playing those 7 Numbers since the begining and only hit on them twice for any amout on winnings..(300.00 once and 250.00 another time and that's it!)
Any :help: would be appreciated! Thanks

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