Macro Please


I need some help please.

I have a spreadsheet with 2 sheets, Data and Report.
The Data sheet:
Column A:A is not part of the Data, it’s more for notes etc.
The Data starts in column B2 and may end in column M? Depending on the lotto I wish to play, thus the Data will vary from 5 columns to maximum of 12 columns, thus the macro must ask for the range. The rows will also vary from 4 rows to 22 rows per set. The example displays only 4 rows per set and there is a break between each set. There are some colored cells in each set.
The Data is set to start in column B2.

The Report.
Column A:A is not part of the Report.
The Report must be set to start in column B2 till M? Depending on the lotto I wish to play.
The Report must indicate in columns B2 till M? The cell names and number must be displayed as indicated on the Report example under the correct column Heading. The cells will not be colored bound. I’m not interested in the count of the cells, but only in which column and Row numbers it lays.

I trust my explanation is correct. As I have said, the columns and rows will vary depending on the lotto I wish to play.

Here is the link:

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Im not one for writing macros as the first resort, I'm hoping someone else will help you out. However someone should tell you that your link doesn't work. Good Luck !


Apologies for the broken link, unfortunately I have no control over it.
Here are a new link

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This quick and dirty version isn't so interactive, but maybe you can alter it to suit your needs.
As usual, check the comments/notes for settings to pay attention to.