Lottonet Integra XP


I have come to the conclusion that no matter what software we use, we still can't predict the outcome. It's just a random game of chance and no computer and software on earth can predict the outcome.

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to pick a straight 5 numbers out of my games 6 numbers. No supplementries, a straight 5 numbers! The 6th number I needed was #23 ..... I had picked #27 !!! So close.

I got a cool $1175.00AUS for my win.

Funny thing was, this time I picked my numbers from my head, Instinct!

When I use LottoPro or Integra XP-01 (and I have been using them for some time) I get ZIP! Go figure.

Just plain luck of the draw and I'm starting to think you'd have just the same chances by picking a sequence like 123456 as any other combination.




Hey guys. Im new to the forum but i would like to express my opinions on lottonet integra XP. Ive had it for 5 months now, with little sucess. Sure I have won a couple of times... but made no profit. For example, I won twice in a row on Powerball... won 21 bucks and then 35 HOWEVER in doing so i spent 60 bucks all up on the tickets. So do date.... i have not made any profit. In fact I would have to say im down about 500 bucks all up including the rediculous price of the program $190.
I woulda have gotten my money back definately, but like all scams they are excellent at trapping poor suckers like me so theyve come up with a pathetic $2000 compensation... trick is you gotta save all your reciepts.. now honestly whos going to do that??
Oh well, Thats life i guess, it just further highlights the fact that you should never get your hopes up because they will just get smashed down in the end.


mrfirkin hi could you wite a code from lottonet for me -matrix 22no 5/5 10tikets do it 1-22 chronicle order that is what i call a code let me know what you thank.


In a few words re Lottonet Integra XP .......

If you don't want to waste your precious dough ...DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP

This company is dodgy and the product doesn't do as claimed and is a very amatuerish looking piece of poorly coded dog****.


I would like to try Lottonet Integra, I promise to share any win for life with someone who give me a copy of this software.