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I have the current Florida Fantasy 5 drawing history in a text file.

Let me know if you want a copy.

The text file is in the correct format so you can import into Lottoman.

Do you instructions on how to create a new game in the Florida Data folder and import the draw history?

I'm not sure if you can attach text files on this forum. If someone can save this file and share with others it would be appreciated.
Winalot2007 Florida Fantasy 5

morocco had a website to put a file on. I learned how to import a file. If i could get the text file from you, appreciate it. Do you play the Fla lotteries? Just starting to get an idea of lottoman but don't know how to use it yet.



Hi turtle0747

I open a txt file in Ms Excel then i save it under CSV coma then i import it in LM.

if this help ?
if none i will explain it more.
Good luck
Winalot2007 and morocco - Fla lotto

To Winalot2007

I got the file. Thanks a bunch. Do you play the Fla lotteries using LM?


To morocco

Yes, I understand how you do it. Thanks for your help.

Appreciate everybodies help.

Winalot2007 - FLa Mega


Do you have the FLA MEGA history file? It is 4 numbers with a bonus number.



Scott,sent you a pgp encrypted file as a test if you got it let me know and I'll send the rest along...............higgy

Link to Florida Mega 4/44 & 1/22

This is how I set up this game in Lottoman

1. Open the Florida Games folder (Lottoman\Data\Florida)

2. Select any of the games from the list of available games. I used the Pick 3 game.

3. Select "Game" from the Main Menu

4. Select New (drop down list)

5. In the New Game Settings Box
This is what I entered:
Lottery Name: Florida Mega
Game ID: FLL5B

Make sure Tuesday and Friday are set. Days of the week drawings are made.

First Number: 1
Last Number: 44
Picks Per Play: 4
Bonus Picks: 1
Use Numbers Once Per Play (select)
Only Track Bonus Numbers (select)

Click OK

Select OK To Change Name Of Game.

Select "Game" from the Main Menu then select Import and locate file from the link above.

I think you know the rest.

BTW I do not play the Florida Lottery. Just wanted to help!!

Good Luck!!
Using GH & Excel for Lottoman


I use Gail Howard's program first to print any Lottery to Disk. (text file)

I then open the text file and copy and paste the draws from the text file into Excel.

In Excel I set up the draws according to the parameters required by Lottoman.

Here is the link to download the Excel file:

Hope this helps!!
How To Use Lottoman Tutorial

I realize there is a super Tutorial for Lottoman 1.38

Can someone give some tips on how they use Lottoman to select their numbers to play?




higgy said:
Some day a shrewd programmer will come along and write a neural network that can be weighted to follow the method outlined in this post nudge nudge wink wink


We'll have to see if we can scare one of those up somewhere.

Sorry I haven't replied to your e-mail Higgy -- it's been a crazy week. I promise I'll get to it as soon as I can dig out. :dance1:
Hi Scott

Im a user of the lottoman software in UK, I thought it was brilliant and used it for ages but could not get hold of any updates etc (got the software off a computer magazine sold in the UK), but the Lottoman software spured me on to look for other programs and ideas but I have never found any as good as Lottoman Ive even started to build my own spreadsheets and software (amature programmer) but still never got close to Lottoman. I would be really happy when you release the new version. Ive been hunting for the last 10 years and never found anything that came close.

Thanks very much for giving me hope again :)



The Winning Ticket is very similar to Lottoman and can be found here I believe.Of the current crop the Expert Lotto is fairly well along and has some very useful functions. Not to dis any other programs :notme: Rumor has it Mr Piel is working on a new program and If I know Scott it will set a new high watermark for the rest to follow. I'm relatively new here,been pokin around for about 2 weeks. There seems to be a lot of info here on using spreadsheet type routines for wheeling and getting basic statistics. Could be that I haven't run across it yet but there is not a lot on developing a strategy for play and more importantly not lot of tools for testing that strategy against past drawings.Perhaps one of the regulars here could point us in the right direction
LOTTOMAN HELP - Turtle0747

Winalot2007 and higgy

I was away for awhile. Got all your info. Thanks a bunch for all the help. Am running into a problem with only having the shareware version. It says something about not being able to save any longer after saving your files for FLA lotteries. It ask for a registration number. Is there such a number anymore with this software?

LOTTOMAN spiel2001 Winalot2007

Does anyone have any good upper/lower limits for LOTTOMAN for the Florida LOTTO 6?



Hey all... just poking my head in real quick to see what's shaking and to give an update on progress... I'm pretty much past the "getting caught back up" thing and in the design phase now. I'm not writing code yet, but I'm putting the framework together.

The gameplan, as you should know by now, is to make this a web-based program so you can access it from any web browser, anywhere, anytime. I'm also planning on making it group and club friendly so people can share group strategies, pools, wheels, etc. I'm still working on the mechnics of that.

Lots of other plans, too... but I want to keep my cards close to the vest for a while if you understand.

In the meantime, I would really love to hear whatever ideas you all have... what you would like to see in a program that you don't have in one now and such. Not to appear cocky... but I have yet to have met an idea I couldn't turn into code. So if you have something big or small, however ambitious it may be, holler and I'll see if I can't incorporate it into this design.

I'm just the programmer... you're the people who are going to use it, so what you need is what I want.

Hope to hear from you!